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  1. https://lineage2dex.com/ 7x server its few months old and has over 2k people
  2. when a game has over 50% bots this is the best way to play https://gyazo.com/bd18cac0fecb2ba5ef706a6c2307af0a
  3. Just stop buying nc coins till they Merge thats what i am doing i play on Gludio if they dont Merge in the next 1 or 2 months i will quit game and be saveing money too cause i am waiting for Merge befor i buy nc coin again
  4. Try Gludio server we need more people maybe they trying get people to join the other low pop servers by not letting people log in high pop ones :}
  5. I am from Gludio server i been playing it for the past 2 months was like 2,500+ people when it started now we have like 1,500 only.I left the server 2 days ago and joined Giran server
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