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  1. to farm adena them and buy what you need
  2. you need to create yourself a magician with a horse or cat or soul
  3. on patch 1.5 there should be no monsters in the wall of argos
  4. I have nowhere to swing all the good places are occupied by bots what to do ?
  5. ok what happiness the king came down from the pedestal and said to the simple serfs and not expected. that it doesn't matter to everyone because 2000-3000 of them are bots
  6. you buy game currency and sometimes you get to adena which is filled with bots and you are banned with these bots I wrote to them to make possible the transfer of Ncoin I was just banned and said you play from a forbidden country ok and 2k bots running it is normal bots are not worth attention the fact that ordinary people at the start wanted to play and you did not do anything so that they could go to the server I also wrote for them if they do not ban them now it will be too late
  7. There are people who are ready to play to spend their time and sell game currency and if you buy from these then you shouldn't be banned and there are parasites bots that should ban but why don't they do it http://prntscr.com/m94gy1 and it's normal that people want to trade this is an online game if you don't like it. make single player games
  8. This is a Russian write that I am a bot do not pay attention I know these dogs at least nicknames changed
  9. I'm running the second day on locations looking for a place I come kill 2-5 monsters and my hands are lowered I can not play when I see so many bots sitting watching movies resident evil etc
  10. my favorite places are occupied by bots so much wanted to play and something lost desire
  11. guess use asi win 1 pc per more window l2 and bot adrenaline
  12. do you think it's fun? i cry i look at it and cry
  13. do not try, to enter the game look at this ... what are swear words in english http://prntscr.com/m8oku0 I have never seen such a thing oh stop not seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kgwi31TANA&t=102s
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