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  1. On 05.02.2019 at 4:27 AM, Kidder said:

    Hello everyone

    i'm not used to ask things like this but, actually i'm just starting at classic Aden server, and i'm lv 15 already, thing is that it's getting so hard to kill mobs using the quest "Eldrich weapons", so the reason i'm writing this is to ask if someone could help me with this, i mean with a no-grade mage weapon or with some adenas to buy a better weapon (no-grade) that i can use till reaching higher levels.

    I'm aware that adena is hard to get on classic, but i'm pretty sure someone in this server can lend me a helping hand. i tried asking online but whitout results :C

    My ingame's name is Balthus, you can contact me there, or send a mailbox, or here.

    Thanks in advance. Best regards,

    you need to create yourself a magician with a horse or cat or soul 

  2. you buy game currency and sometimes you get to adena which is filled with bots
    and you are banned with these bots

    I wrote to them to make possible the transfer of Ncoin
    I was just banned and said you play from a forbidden country

    and 2k bots running it is normal bots are not worth attention


    the fact that ordinary people at the start wanted to play and you did not do anything so that they could go to the server

    I also wrote for them if they do not ban them now it will be too late

  3. On 09.01.2019 at 4:01 PM, Aistis said:

    GM which 3rd software programs you tolerate? I need a title , website , download link. I want to use legal bot as well. Don't tell me It's illegal and you don't tolerate them. Because when I began playing here and still playing I see that Staff here do tolerate them :)

    guess use

    asi win 1 pc per more window l2 

    and bot adrenaline 


  4. it seems to me the localization of games covers illegal money laundering with ...


    because it is done not for real users but for bots


    in teso the distribution model is different there bots pay money
    and in l2 do not pay why keep them here?


    i don't understand nсsoft logic



    statistics? why do they statistics they do not sell advertising
    it's not a twitch 


  5. 58 minutes ago, verloren said:

    they get money from bots ...thats why they wont bann or do actual thing...thats all ...there is no waya  company wont take really hard actions when they are getting down with all the bots around ..its impossible to farm cuz there is bots everywhere and alot of them 

    What money from bots do you want to say that ncsoft sells a bot program?

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