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  1. I guess we'll get more info on wednesday, for manteinance...
  2. take me a week to work bot hunter

    Botman: the hero Lineage II deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
  3. This. Spawning Fioti in different starting villages (Talking Island, Elven Village and Dwarven Village) will prevent overload.
  4. NC Soft confirmed for destroying friendships. No but seriously, bring back Fioti. If you don't this will have very negative repercussions on your company.
  5. Woah, thank you guys, this is exactly the reason why we were doing the cake event.
  6. A 150% boost isn't even remotely comparable to what we were getting in this event. I guess that botters will be happy, so they'll be able to keep the distance they put with other players.
  7. Don't worry, we're all going to get 3 Angel's Cat Blessings as a compensation for the time and the 200kk exp lost.
  8. Seriously?! <Patch Notes>

    Didn't you read the patch notes? No need for bot report button anymore, now everybody can bot legally with in-game features!
  9. Would have been perfect if they also boosted the XP, but I guess you can't have everything. Hopefully bots won't ruin this chance to get some decent drop from farming mobs.
  10. What's happening now is that people are purchasing those items from L2Store and then reselling them in-game for adena. There you go, NC Soft has finally introduced a perfectly legit way to buy adena! Congratulations, really.
  11. I can already imagine how the meeting went when they decided to include those items in the L2Store: "So, how do we stop people from buying adena on illegal websites?" "I know, we should offer them something way more overpowered in our store so they'll give that money to us instead!" You know, if the buffs weren't so exaggeratedly overpowered I would have accepted it. If the buff effect stopped at what you get for overenchanting the item at +2, +3 I would have still been disappointed, but not as absolutely outraged as I feel right now.
  12. Basically a Earth Dragon's Pendant +10 makes a tank immortal. Seriously, how did we go from "only cosmetics and exp supplies" in L2Store to... this?
  13. I simply stopped joining them after realizing that it's just not worth it. If I go out of CC I get very good exp, but then I also get literally 0 adena while still consuming ss, resulting in a big loss of money. If I join CC I can attack without using ss and by putting minimum effort into it since the exp is going to get stolen by outside parties anyway because almost everybody in the cc is either leeching or boxing or is just a support class, however in that case not only I get abysmal exp, but I also have to waste 3-4 hours waiting for the cc leader to throw us peanuts at the end (some EAD or low grade D jewels) and hoping that the party leader is not another scumbag. Much better to go farm by myself, exp is slower but at least I get money and I don't contribute to make those guys even more rich than they already are by taking advantage of other players.
  14. sumoner class recommendation

    @lelu Yeah, because they're bots, lol