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  1. 17 minutes ago, Ingwaz said:

    That is not true. You cannot call that easy. The investment needed for a mage to farm TOI is not comparable to that of a melee. Theres a reason u dont see other mages in TOI, and its because it is not that easy and impossible for most :/

    THE reason you dont see other mages in toi its because everyone its greedy and wanna farm alone (solo) and obviously with DC sets +4 and Daimon crystal you will never be able to farm toi, but if you got an Major arcana set +6 an IS +10 with the new runes 33% HP epic jwels lvl3 and basic Fate+9 / Pendant magic 3+3 / blessed belth +7 and some aghations you can farm.

    Toi isn't a place for SOLO players like Antharas lair, in loa with a mage you can 2 shot the mob in toi you will never do that, but in 2-3 mages in a party can easy farm TOI.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Casemonstro said:

    No doubt you ruined the game. There was almost no place to go and it just got worse. Because not even where we were going we could do damage. What is consumed of healing potion no longer pays or logs.

    why you keep complaining about mages cannot farm toi? i can see toi4 Stealth full mage setu farming easy and soon new mage party will go toi aswell, you just need to make a small grup with Mass Stigma , Mass Gloom (or single target gloom) and easy farm.

  3. 2 hours ago, Juji said:

    Hello All,

    We are looking into the soulshot damage issue and will immediately share more details after Dev has investigated it further.

    Thank You!

    @Juji I bellive it work as intended but that update comes from Korea and in korea they have perma Cats Eye (brooch jwel) they also have the new TOP-Ruby jwels and many other new items that we dont have here, thats what you guys need to understand.

    At the moment Korean server is way too far away from our server and obviously we cannot handle the updates w/o the new Pay To Win Items, thats the reason we ask you to reverse the change untill we get some of the new pay to win items in Giran aswell and than you can feel free to decrease the soulshot damage.

    Thank you :)

  4. @Jujior @Hime what we are trying to say is that we do understand that this is how is supposed to be but that update its coming from Korean server a Classic server with way too many p2w items that we don't have yet so that's the reason this update destroy our server because we are missing the Top-Jewelery and we are missing many other items that give us Soulshots damage or stats.


    Please revert the soulshot damage reduction till you guys manage to put the same pay to win items as korea has and than feel free to decrease the soulshot damage.


    Hope that clarify our issue.

  5. Completely agree with the rest of guys we cannot do anything right now with this soulshots damage decrease, we are dieing from mobs.

    You allready decreased fighters crit rate with the new runes now you take out our damage aswell?

    Please revert the soulshots damage as it used to be all the time NCSOFT you are destroying all fighter classes with this update.

    @Juji @Hime

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  6. Our beloved clan leader got banned and we lost most of the raidboss loot and items he was holding.

    CharName : BornToBeHealer
    Reason of Ban : Our leader was trying to buy NC Coins from your website,   He cannot log into the website and he decided to open a support ticket so he can gain back access to buy more NC Coins, after he open the ticket he got banned in game !      (  he cannot log because of "your protection system" that random ban people on website, i bellive everyone who's playing here got banned atleast once in website for no reason ! )          

  7. Completly agree with Blepper suggestion, his completly right, many people went to holidays (traveling) and they was not able to enjoy the server boosts ! Also because of the COVID19 many country's just went in a tottal lockdown (example 🇷🇴  🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 and so on ) Also there was huge problems with the Disconnects, i dont know if everyone had the same issue but many people got dissconected !

    Please @Juji and @Hime consider to extend that server boost for 1 or 2 more weeks so we can enjoy that durring the lockdowns !

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  8. Agree with @WoDy Server economy is 0.
    I must also say, December Ice blizzard box event , January aghations, February HearthLove BOX , March FATE, that because frustrating !

    We are looking for atleast 1 month gap between pay to play events, because this is the main reason the game economy is 0 right now, people invest Adena on boxse on talismans on aghations on fate now, there is no adena on the server to buy normal stuffs.


    Please @Juji Give us an concret answer with the incoming updates, also I must say https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16490-known-issues-winter-of-war-03042020/ here was a long list of issues, and now it seems like you guys fix everything, the fact is doomcryer / dominator attribute damage doesn't work , 5th bar skill not available , we still cannot see debuffs on the raid.

    The only issues you guys fixt from that long list was just the report button in game Clan Coins from Priest and nothing else ...

  9. all i can see is full drama, lineage2 comunity nowdays is kinda brainless.

    if NCSOFT makes event people cry if they dont make people cry.

    all i can see on this forum is full of drama and you guys should stop it or just quit.

    Same bullshits happen on prrivate servers, same on official people just cry over and over again.

    im a casual player work everyday 10-12 hours and still can have a hood 3-6 hours of play, atm im lvl 65 soon 66 playing everyday 3'6 hours... my low lvl farm char is a titan with full plate set and c shop weapon never RMT and never bought ssc or ssd from l2 store, the only things i bought was 50% rune and exp scrolls to keep same as people who play 10h + daily.

    Stop cry guys!


    Good job ncsoft for the event!

  10. Hello there, atm im destro lvl 40 2h pagrian sword and i would like to know witch set is batter.

    I got an Plated Lather set +3 but im not sure if is it good or full plate would be batter.

    Also if i wear PL set +3 Should i use +4 Str -5 con or not?

    i must say i got an WC lvl 64 as buffer.


    thanks in advice.

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