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  1. please if anyone want leave, just leave and stop.. go on private with 50 player online.
  2. yes, because in last weeks with all bonus , have more than 100% exo bonus.. and with ES can exp no stop. no, im italian. stop cry please.
  3. Sorry for my bad english, i leave ES 59 in Aden , and start here with new char (warlord)
  4. Guys, i see every day people cry in forum and chat game , "i leave for bots, " i leave because ppl rmt ," i leave because no people. Guys if u want leave, Just leave and stop, no cry in forum or in game. https://l2.laby.fr/status/ in this Site you Can see online people, ok, much bots and much Sellers,(wich server not have bots?) but in the evening of GMT+1 giran have 5200 players on, if you remove bots and Sellers its much people anyway. If you play in Aden or gludio and no found ppl, Just move in giran , i was in Aden server, i leave ES 59 for start here, i dont care , i Just want fun, but i
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