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  1. bloody vs Dark

    This leads to the Law of Diminishing Returns. With some set-ups there comes a point where it only takes a certain number of hits or skill attacks to dispatch a given mob. Back when I played a Spellhowler (ages ago), that was usually two spells, and all that required was a weapon enchanted to about +6, your basic dye set and robes. Nevertheless, people would overenchant to +bazillion (and waste lots of adena trying) in order to produce a weapon that resulted in the same number of spells to kill a mob. It all goes back to how damage is calculated. Sure, at a certain really high level of enchant -- and depending on the mob -- you could get to a point where you reduce the amount of attack needed to kill a mob by 1. But you have to ask yourself is it worth cost of trying to get a highly enchanted weapon when a modestly enchanted one will do. You have to view Bloody Armor/Weapons the same way. Cumulatively, adding PVE bonus from armor, weapon, cloak (Elmore) does increase xp/hour. But in my opinion that doesn't help nearly as much as, say, enchanting your skills and building your character in a way that maximizes those skills. That's what makes you kill faster.
  2. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    Some things you'll only be able to find in AH, but shout anyway to see if you can find out who the owner is and negotiate from there. Most prices in the AH are inflated. It doesn't cost you 34B to make a +12 Bloody Fist. In fact, you don't need to go that high enchant wise. Just going from a +4 Apoc to a +6 or +7 Bloody Amaranthine Fists will be a marked improvement on your XP rate. Someone mentioned a pair of Enhanced Shadow Fists, which is a great alternative to a +12 Bloody Fist. It's certainly much cheaper. You can find them on my server for around 15b - 18b usually. For slightly less PVE Damage (10% on the Enhanced Shadow vs. 15% on Bloody weapons), you still get a weapon with solid stats and additional bonuses to P.atk (10%), HP (15%), p.crit rate (+50), p. crit damage (10%), attack speed (15%) and the ability to add up to 450 attribute (as where the Bloody R99 weapons can only go up to 300). Just add the Mystic Soul Crystal (~5b - 7b) and augment it, if you can afford to gamble with getting a good augment. Yes, definitely get the Elmore cloak. +7 - +10 is fine. You'll love the additional PVE damage, plus the Elmore bonus skills that often fire in combat, greatly increasing your p.atk for 30 seconds by as little as 70% iirc depending on the cloak's enchant level. Those bursts come in handy. You get even more skills the higher you enchant the cloak. As for the armor, I'll disagree slightly with the other posters here in sticking with a +8 Twilight set. If you were a ranged fighter I'd agree with them, but you're a point of attack melee type. You get hit often. I'd go with an Eternal set, even if it's only +6 (which comes in around - 3b). The basic stats are just better than on Twilight and you can take advantage of the buyer's market as people try to upgrade to R110. With a slightly higher budget, obviously, you can go for a higher enchanted Eternal set. Just keep in mind that if you decide to eventually upgrade to R110, the R99 armor needs to be blessed/bloody/dark. Ferris actually only upgrades blessed, but you can remove the bloody/dark attribute with Mammon for a small fee. He gives you back the bloody/dark stones and a blessed weapon. Lastly, the other odds and ends. I didn't see a Talisman Longing/Insanity, or Talisman Abundance of any stage on your list. I'd definitely add those. The Abundance Talisman have four stages, with each giving you a Power of Abundance skill that increases your P.atk, Skill Crit Rate, and skill power to a large degree based on the talisman's level. Plus, even without that skill, you get extra P.def, attribute and weapon resistance, etc. Comes in handy. I'd also try increase your jewels to +3 minimally. Start with the ruby. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a Taurus Agathion Low Grade. That Agathion gives you a Battle Rhapsody skill, which is one less reason for a buffer. You'll get a rush from firing off BR and Power of Abundance. And if your Elmore cloak also fires at the same time, mobs will be little more than pixelated mist.
  3. Yes, I agree. I've decided to treat the Leviathan set as a side project and continue to wear Eternal for now. I did step up to the Krishna bow, though. Making it a Limited weapon was my top priority.
  4. A good day for enchants, I guess. The Enchanted Leviathan set is now +6/+7. I'm going to stop there for now and try for +10 later in the week. But my point still stands: the cost to upgrade OE Eternal to R110 needs to be reevaluated. Even a set that costs 80B would still be difficult for 90% of the player base to afford. So who are we really helping by making the costs so astronomically high? The top 3% elite, rich, end game clans are going to get theirs no matter what. So all this really does is present a barrier of entry for the remaining 97%, i.e., the average players. I'm sure that's not what the developers intended. Or is it?
  5. Appreciate the snark, but no one said anything about not paying reasonable fair for the upgrade. I'm sure even you would agree that 176B for the upgrade is too much. It doesn't take a fiscal mastermind here, just basic common sense. At any rate, I completed the Enchanted Leviathan set and will commence overenchanting it later today. As things stand presently, the OE Eternal set is still statistically better in every category, except p. atk. and a couple of the bonuses (like stun resist). Sadly, it doesn't look like things improve once it's Bloody. Might as well blow it up.
  6. Exalted Quest - Confronting a Great Monster

    I agree. It was also possible to form ad hoc groups outside of clans and alliances to accomplish some of the quests. Granted, for some of the more epic raids you needed better coordination that only comes from clans and allies, but I'd like to think that we'll eventually see lots of people using party matching for Exalted and similar raids.
  7. Thanks. I went with a combination of the last two. I have to upgrade a pair of leggings today and I'll have my base Leviathan set. Still, the entire process is far more expensive than it needs to be, given the benefits and taking into account that outside of what I call "soft RMT" or RMT light, there really aren't enough viable revenue streams in-game for most players. And the cost of upgrading is having one other effect on the market: no one wants to buy OE R99. Whenever there was a grade change in the past, there was a good chance that we could sell off the old gear at good prices. That's if you even needed to make a change at all, armor-wise. But I've been trying to sell some of my OE Bloody Eternal for the past two weeks at steeply discounted prices. No one's biting. There are other causal factors to be sure, but R110 upgrading definitely plays a major role. No one is buying OE Eternal knowing that they'll get hit with a massively obscene penalty when they try to upgrade it. Hopefully, the developers realized that they screwed the pooch on this one.
  8. You're right, thanks. I meant Leviathan. Sorry, still getting back up to speed. At this point I'm just going to stick with the Eternal set. I have a couple of characters in the R99 range who can still be productive in that armor. We'll see if I stick around long enough to see them level to 110.
  9. Granted, I'm late to this entire update. It's been a hectic these last 8 months IRL with the passing of my mother. But I'm back and glad to be playing...or at least I was until I did the math on how much it will cost me to upgrade my Eternal armor set to Krishna. WTF?!!! The most conservative estimate, ignoring market volatility, is 175,926,967,751 adena. Are you %$^%&%# kidding me?!!!!!! Sure, three of the armor pieces are +12, while the remaining two are +11, but I'm losing an enchant by upgrading. It shouldn't cost me 176 billion adena to upgrade on top of the OE penalty. That's multiple times more than the cost of an actual +10 Krishna set. And did I add that all that I get in return is a basic Krishna set, mind you? Not Enchanted. Not Dark or Bloody. Not Limited. Just a +10/+11 no frills Krishna set. I'd still have to pay billions more to make it enchanted status, both dark AND bloody it, then finally get it to Limited status. This is madness! You have gone waaaaay beyond your prime directive here. Please vastly roll back the cost to upgrade (armors only) from R99 to R110 and stop punishing players. Or better yet, increase the drop rate and the number of normal mobs who drop regularly Crystals of Protection, R gems, and full R99 armor pieces (which we can crystallize for the Crystals of Protection). Seriously, you have to do better by your gaming community, or you won't have one.
  10. R110 Attribute Change Stones

    When I last looked, the mentor guide only had them up to R99. But maybe I missed it? Yep, just confirming that only up to R99 using mentee marks. I'm still not sure why they bother having S and S80 available, though. No one uses them and the S grade were originally part of the class change reward, if memory serves, so there was no need to use marks to get them at all. Silly game.
  11. It's not a bug, but the new leveling path doesn't mention Kartia instances at all. You can go from level 1 - 99 following the guide, but because it never tells a new player to also do Kartia and other instances at the appropriate levels, they may miss it.
  12. Krishna Limited Weapon Glows

    Be prepared to spend some serious adena and/or real world money to get to +20 or higher on a limited Krishna weapon. Just making a limited Krishna weapon can be expensive, considering all of the stages and parts involved. But who knows, maybe NCSoft will have an event with 100% Ancient weapon scrolls that you get by hunting, not swiping your credit card.
  13. Finally moved in new place and all settled. Looks like I missed the one promotion that gave Determination crystals. Any chance you can bring that back and have it run until the end of the year? Truth be told, there should be a way to get those crystals in game through normal hunting or a repeat quest. What's the point of having new content if only 1% of the player population can reasonably afford and enjoy it?
  14. [News] Golden Compass Event

    My clan mate only got 25 coins. Not sure how that happened.
  15. Share Accounts Bannable?

    Yes, the EULA still applies. So sharing accounts is a bannable offense, as is RMT, etc.