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  1. Artifact book lvl 3 price

    My understanding is that the 3rd book is so expensive, because the new artifacts provide a really significant boost to player skills. There will be an event (soon?) for the artifacts and components. That said, somehow I have my doubts that any stat boost justifies 6B cost, but we'll have to wait and see.
  2. New player starting

    Exhibit 1A: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17576-isle-of-souls-breaking-all-market/ Now pipe down, unless you have something constructive to add. People are trying to learn the ropes of this game and your inane posts are neither conducive, nor wholly accurate.
  3. Are you sure it was yesterday? Because someone posted a complaint about IOS on April 10th. I gather the scaled rate was in place for much longer than a day or two. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17576-isle-of-souls-breaking-all-market/
  4. Update with next maintenance

  5. Paulina set for old character

    Correct, the 3rd request can't be done in BS. Most move to Hellbound areas like Beleth Circle, Desert Quarry and Phantasmal Ridge. EV, AI and Ivory Tower Crater are also options, depending on level and equipment. Phantasmal Ridge isn't bad in terms of mob density and respawn time, but all Exalted areas are basically camped 24/7. So get there early after server restarts and never leave until you have all of the quest items.
  6. Stalking & Harassment

    The Support Team does have an email address, but I don't know if it's public knowledge. I often email them directly, since there was a time when the support ticket feature on the website didn't work for me at the time.
  7. Big mistake

    The GM team will contact you once you submit a ticket. They will probably invoke the Token-based Restoration policy. It doesn't hurt to become familiar with the policy (see below) in advance as there are some important preconditions: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy
  8. Can We Get RED LIBRA Now with Server Boost?

    I doubt they will bring Red Libra any time soon. Even if the servers functioned perfectly. Maybe in July or August. I know that seems like a long ways away. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Stay healthy and safe.
  9. PK for Spot

    Yes, back in the earliest days of L2 a character could drop upon death. They would later change some of the mechanics of drops on death as a response to complaints.
  10. New player starting

    My clan is full, but there are a few good clans out there who recruit new players and help them level and get equipment. It might help to post on server forums and shout in game. You just have to show them that you're loyal and dedicated in most cases. When it comes to spend on this game, I agree that buying the Prestige Pack subscription for a month or two is a good idea, if for no other reason than you get a Drop Rate Rune (+200%) and a Drop Amount Rune (+300%). Having that in your inventory when you go to the Special Hunting Zones like Primeval, Storm Isle and Isle of Souls is good for your purse. As for other items in the L2 store, that's up to you. I personally would not buy Rare Accessory Packs. PVE, you can get by with the R grade "starter" jewels that you get from doing the quest. Besides, 2,000 Ncoins is a lot to spend on something that (1.) you can't keep, and (2.) you can't even use all of the Rare Pack items in Oly. If you're going to burn 2,000 Ncoins, buy event items, or something that you can convert into adena. Learn about NCoin-to-Adena exchange rates so that you know when you're getting a favorable deal. As for PVP, forget about PVP for now. Focus on wealth accumulation and leveling. PVP can happen at any level, but where it matters most (sieges, Oly, etc.), the elites are too far ahead of you. I know relatively stacked characters that still get one-shotted. Best to focus on PVE for now.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    Actually, every business that I know of factors compensatory programs into their annual budgeting and pricing models. So players likely already paid for this year's compensations last year.
  12. It's always been this way. You have to wait until the next gemstone event. That's the only time that you'll have enough players participating that the gemstone powders will be cheap enough to buy. But even then it is expensive, especially if you have level 4 jewels. In the end it may not even be worth moving them. Not sure when we'll get the next update, but changes are coming to the jewels.
  13. Loss of xp when dies

    Not only should we lose XP, but we should be able to de-level if we so choose. It's our time and free to play, so give us the freedom to play how we want in that respect.
  14. Atlas’ Earring and Veteran's Mask

    Just to state for emphasis, make sure that the Mentor is in-game when the Mentee dings 105. If the Mentor is not logged in when the Mentee hits 105, the Mentor will not get clan quest credit. They will only receive the Mentor coins only. Yes, it's a stupid requirement. I remember my very first mentor long ago. He lived in another country, completely different time zone. We were rarely logged in at the same time, and even when we were, it was only for a 2-3 hour window. If that happened now, I could see having to log off and wait a day or more to ding 105. These things now require more coordination and lots of break pumping. You now have to ping (your mentor) before you ding and hope his system doesn't crash right as you ding.
  15. Atlas’ Earring and Veteran's Mask

    I might be wrong, but I thought they were working on updating the Mentor Guide awards that you purchase with mentor coins. Under the new version a mentor would be able to buy the earring, mask, scrolls and other items. Maybe a GM or forum moderator can confirm?