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  1. Loss of xp when dies

    Not only should we lose XP, but we should be able to de-level if we so choose. It's our time and free to play, so give us the freedom to play how we want in that respect.
  2. Atlas’ Earring and Veteran's Mask

    Just to state for emphasis, make sure that the Mentor is in-game when the Mentee dings 105. If the Mentor is not logged in when the Mentee hits 105, the Mentor will not get clan quest credit. They will only receive the Mentor coins only. Yes, it's a stupid requirement. I remember my very first mentor long ago. He lived in another country, completely different time zone. We were rarely logged in at the same time, and even when we were, it was only for a 2-3 hour window. If that happened now, I could see having to log off and wait a day or more to ding 105. These things now require more coordination and lots of break pumping. You now have to ping (your mentor) before you ding and hope his system doesn't crash right as you ding.
  3. Atlas’ Earring and Veteran's Mask

    I might be wrong, but I thought they were working on updating the Mentor Guide awards that you purchase with mentor coins. Under the new version a mentor would be able to buy the earring, mask, scrolls and other items. Maybe a GM or forum moderator can confirm?
  4. To the OP, purely historical perspective, but the number of quest items that you get per kill and when you get them (i.e., last hit) has always varied from quest to quest. In that respect it's normal for the current Exalted quest to function as it does. That said, I don't agree with the developers logic that it should work this way.40,000 quest items is a staggering number. You'd think that they'd want players to progress much more quickly through them. As challenging as this might be for an AOE class, just imagine the eye bleed this causes for a single target, limited-to-no-AOE class. And imagine all of the time and resources wasted when a group does this quest. If nothing else, I would have thought of a way to better balance out the challenge so that everyone suffers equally.
  5. I remember in the old days when your character could log in, but you wouldn't see the mobs at first. The aggro ones would attack you, of course, making you think you were fighting the Invisible Man. This game may have zombies, vampires and werewolves, but it wasn't supposed to have Invisible Men, too.
  6. Unfortunately, it's a different Exalted quest now. With the old one you did get more than just one quest item when you killed monsters. At least in Hellbound areas. I distinctly remember that. But that's no longer the case.
  7. Want to be clear about Red Libra's main class change

    I hate that we can't change our main. But at least now if you decide to start a new character there are ways to transfer most of the items that you have from your old character to the new one. It's not cheap, though, and they won't recompense you for lost time.
  8. Yes, I am admittedly nitpicking, since GM buffs are rarely given and only as a courtesy. But is it possible for the devs to tweak those buffs so that they remain even when you switch from your main to your dual class? Can't be that difficult to do. Thanks and keep up the great work.
  9. Any update on server transfers? Or have they permanently discontinued that service?
  10. Happy Holidays from us to you

    Happy holidays, all!
  11. Another Crash?

    Actually, Juji did give buffs, but it was late PST time yesterday.
  12. Another Crash?

    Just DC twice in last 5 minutes. Seriously, folks, I pay your salaries. Fix this now!
  13. Another Crash?

    Well, I guess this helps clear out the automated parties.
  14. I play 3 characters (solo), so it just means that all three will have letters that they can't trade. Letter Collector event = Gibberish event. Bound to miss a few vowels and consonants at the end.
  15. Ncoin Refunds

    There is a small chance for Dragon Shirts to drop when you open the pouches -- or its maybe it's one of the chests. I forget which, but that's how my dwarf got a Dragon Shirt the last time. Dragon shirts are difficult for me to enchant. I've never made it higher than +2 after using dozens and dozens of scrolls. So maybe they are doing us a favor by not giving us more chances to be frustrated. As for refunds, doubtful. Submit a support ticket and see. They won't respond to you here, that's for sure.