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  1. Another Crash?

    Actually, Juji did give buffs, but it was late PST time yesterday.
  2. Another Crash?

    Just DC twice in last 5 minutes. Seriously, folks, I pay your salaries. Fix this now!
  3. Another Crash?

    Well, I guess this helps clear out the automated parties.
  4. I play 3 characters (solo), so it just means that all three will have letters that they can't trade. Letter Collector event = Gibberish event. Bound to miss a few vowels and consonants at the end.
  5. Ncoin Refunds

    There is a small chance for Dragon Shirts to drop when you open the pouches -- or its maybe it's one of the chests. I forget which, but that's how my dwarf got a Dragon Shirt the last time. Dragon shirts are difficult for me to enchant. I've never made it higher than +2 after using dozens and dozens of scrolls. So maybe they are doing us a favor by not giving us more chances to be frustrated. As for refunds, doubtful. Submit a support ticket and see. They won't respond to you here, that's for sure.
  6. ISS Hiero

    Interesting. I would love to see this officially tested. We need a new Lineage Olympics.
  7. Serve Transfer Re-open

    Any news on server transfers?
  8. relinquery of giants

    Teleport: Talking Island > Tomb of Souls. They renamed it.
  9. It would be nice to get it this month. Or at least by October.
  10. Recent prices at Aden

    Some things to remember when it comes to the market: 1. Prices always skyrocket at the beginning of a new update. That is due to everything from people changing classes, to new quests and promotions, to the rush to remain competitive with enemies and allies, etc. The prices almost always go down, in some cases, significantly lower, a few months after launch. Not always, but usually. 2. High prices usually reflect item rarity, the seller anticipating the buyer's desire for immediate gratification (which should not be confused with the classic economic definition of demand), simple greed, the overabundance of adena in the game, and buyer ignorance in no particular order. 3. No one is holding a dagger to your loins and forcing you to buy. Sometimes the best response to high prices is to walk away and only come back when the price favors you.
  11. Pve on farfurion

    Yes, should be. You can go to Aden Blacksmith Ferris to see what the numbers look like before and after upgrade. For example, here are my numbers on +16 Bloody R99 Duals as a +14 Bloody Krishna Dual. Different weapon than a bow, but the main point is that the patk stats are better on the Krishna. The first number you see is the +16 Bloody R99. The second number is what it would be as a +14 Bloody Krishna: p.atk 1425 (R99)/ 1516 (Krishna) m.atk 713 (R99)/ 705 (Krishna) attribute: 300 peak (R99)/ 450 peak (Krishna) The only thing that I didn't note is the shot damage, which would be slightly better by maybe a % point on the +16 R99. Not a major difference, since your 450 attribute helps deal more damage anyway. Also, as mentioned, Krishna weapons can be upgraded even more to Limited status. That will give you even better patk vs. a R99. You should shout in-game for people to link you their Limited bows, or check the AH. You'll see what I mean.
  12. I don't see any of these packs in the L2 Store. Has the service been discontinued?
  13. LE ghost sentinal low str? do i gain more p attack as DE

    Oh and to answer your second question, yes, your LE Ghost Sentinel only has original LE STR stat of 82. even though it's a Ghost Sentinel. You have to change it to a DE so that it can have a base STR stat of 92. But just keep in mind that while DE have more STR, they have less DEX and CON than their light elf cousins. For some players. DEX on archers is a big deal, so just wanted you to be mindful of that.
  14. LE ghost sentinal low str? do i gain more p attack as DE

    Yes, the Race Change gives you the actual stats of the race that you choose. It says so on the FAQ. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/210341186-Race-Change-Service-FAQ But make sure when you submit the ticket that you tell them exactly what you want so that there isn't any confusion.
  15. Ceremony of Chaos???

    Not sure what happened to you, but COC worked fine today.