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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    My clan mate only got 25 coins. Not sure how that happened.
  2. Share Accounts Bannable?

    Yes, the EULA still applies. So sharing accounts is a bannable offense, as is RMT, etc.
  3. Any plan to extend the purchase deadline by a week or so? If memory serves, the Launch packs were available for purchase through 16 October. Given that many people, self included, have experienced logging in as next to impossible -- and you can't really purchase and claim the pack without having first created a character on the server -- an extension seems like the best plan. Either that, or disable the character/server requirement and treat the pack as a code that people can use at any time on the account through 12/31/18. Just a thought.
  4. Red Sunset Staff (Novice) or Staff of Sentinel (Novice)

    Red Sunset Staff is one of the choices if you roll an Elf mage character and complete the quest. If you are playing a mage, you'll want the Sunset Staff, since it has slightly better magic attack (m. atk) than the Sentinel Staff.
  5. Lvl 2 - 20 Newbie Guide.

    The trick to getting the other types of Novice weapons is simply to create another character from one of the other races and classes. Each one has a similar quest that rewards players with mage or fighter type weapon, albeit usually different depending on the races. True enough, the Orc does get a single handed sword, but so does the Dark Elf fighter. The Elf mage gets a choice of the two hand staff (Sunset), but the Dark Elf mage gets to pick an Eldritch mage dagger, which works just fine at this level for Rogue/Dagger classes. If you want a single hand blunt, well, the Dwarf fighter gets a novice hammer. I haven't explored humans yet, or all of the race classes for that matter, but I imagine they all get something similar. I'm curious to know if there is a Novice type for all weapons -- fists, bows, etc. Maybe if I get bored I'll research.
  6. Yes, seriously, it was EXACTLY like this, which is why cried bloody tears and many resorted to using "other means" to get what they wanted. I gave up on my spoiler back in C1 (or maybe it was C2), because I kept getting "Korean random" thread and other mats and recipes that the market didn't need and had no value.. Even after they introduced the manor system, getting mats was bad, unless you botted 24/7. I will admit, though, that the current Classic drop rate needs a boost if for no other reason than we are no longer talking about a game where people felt like they'd have all of the time in the world with updates and such to get to where they wanted to be. This can has a lid, and if they want us to reach that lid and be happy, they'll have to increase drop rates.
  7. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    I would move my entire character to Aden, too. Package, adena, nontradeable items as well. Please confirm everything can be transferred, or at least regained again including quest items. If not, I have to stay on TI.
  8. Vip 4 Options please

    If we're allowed to delevel in Classic, I would say leave it as is. There are some areas that drop mats that I'll need for higher level crafts, or to sell in the market at a premium. I could stay in a quiet secluded spot all day one-shot farming, delevel, and then do the same thing again the next day. Not another soul in sight and good drop rates.
  9. No adena lvl to fast ?

    Re: drops, the one thing that I noticed is that hunting in Elven Village zones produced far less drops for me than hunting in Dark Elf Village areas. Not sure if it's just me, or an actual issue by design. As for shots, back in C1 I crafted them through a dwarf friend, so it was a nonissue for me. At D - B grade I got enough drops which he would crystallize that we got rich selling shots. And then I discovered that I had the gift of good luck when it comes to overenchanting -- far better than most -- and I never looked back. I think I made and sold most of the OE weapons on Devianne back then. lol. I suspect that will change, since, again, there isn't as much excess adena on the server yet.
  10. Adena drop very LOW

    It's a different generation of players now. Back then we would have lit your *** up on general principle. All jokes aside, most people are probably just trying to grind to higher levels. Unless you're griefing them, they likely won't bother you...or bother with you.
  11. Logging in?

    My eyes are just tearing up with nostalgia. Yep, all of this stuff and more happened back in the good old days. They really made Classic authentically Classic. Now we just need stories of people dying, dropping equipment on death, and having the server crash with zero roll back before they could retrieve their dropped items. That's when the fun really begins!!!
  12. Adena drop very LOW

    Back then we had to decide whether to hunt with or without shots. And for most Blessed Spiritshots weren't an option. We could barely afford normal spiritshots. The point of all of this was to force mages into working within a group dynamic. You cast slower and your damage isn't as high, but a nuker still works well in a party without shots. Sure, a wealthy nuker can solo to his or her heart's delight. But a poor one better make friends. For buffs and recharges if nothing else. And for survivability...because a mana-depleted sitting nuker is a DEAD nuker. Consider yourself lucky that most people aren't PVPing right now. And there are barely any Chaotic players roaming. That will probably change in the next few days.
  13. Best Buffer for Archers

    Only at low levels. Assuming the same skills as Live, a walking, two-shotting, bone throwing Spellhowler with Body to Mind and Corpse Life Drain almost never needs a recharger in PVE. Only at Raids and for non AOE group/party PVP activities.
  14. There are better classes to play than a Warlord, given all of the support that it needs. But if that's what you want to play, I won't discourage you. SKs are great for the debuffs, but you have to be skilled and proven before anyone will pick you as the main tank in a raid party. I haven't checked their skill tree, but hopefully they get dual wield transforms and skills in Classic later on to help speed up the XP rate.
  15. Gladiator or Dark Avenger?

    I can only think of one Chronicle when the Gladi really shined. The DA has always been consistently undervalued as not a real tank and not a DD either. He's there more for support in PVP.