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  1. I can not get into the game, the client asks to be closed altomatically.
  2. I really am almost giving up the server, 1 week of problems with no solutions.
  3. again not working. It's a serious case.
  4. this unbearable disregard of this staff with the players. We do not have information, we do not have forecast, we do not even know if this will be agreed.
  5. 4 days and nothing to solve the problem? need to hire another team with other specialists. because these are very weak.
  6. Hello friends, I started a little on the server and was playing normally, 2 days ago when I went to get into the game, I could not. the game usually starts until the choice of worlds, then it does not pass, it is eternally in the selection of worlds. when I close the game and open it again says "account in use". But I can not get past the screen of worlds. the error started in the server Talking Instand, but now it has passed to all the other servers. could my hand help me?
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