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  1. I think that this type of sales are ok, there are thousands of card games that do it and when you are in the game that when you buy a pack of cards,this package can give to you anything. But this is different, or work different from what I expected, I mean 50 boxes for 100 dollars to get a million white potions? I think there is a clear problem in this "event".
  2. I bought a pack of boxes and nothing special, I think they should have said what is the chance of each item, these boxes aren't worth it I don't recommend it. If I had known that the chance was so bad I wouldn't have bought anything or I would have bought experience runes directly. I hope NCsoft fix it and give some compesation. I sent a ticket to the support and they told me to create a post to see the response of the community, well this is already created haha.
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