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  1. again server down what is hapend today nc ???
  2. what is hapend whit server log after to many time some players like me are lost time and runes time to waith in quequ log plz nc make this place able to play
  3. the buff of npc only gives knigh harmony bone alone buff for tanke wizards and warriors we can not use that buff can review it https://ibb.co/6XVJS0q
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    For NC suport what r u thinking abaut all ppl like me we cant loguin in game for 1 week in this update i think u wana do something forr ppl can log again on this moment i lost faction points xp drops etc... time in ur item events and half of my cp have the same trouble i have only 1 question wana fix this or not for stop to send tikets and find a new chose to do in my free time