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  1. Now Im sorry i know that Im going to get ripped on for this post but i just feel like there is something that is more important that needs to be talked about more than NCsoft or bots. Lets be real those are not reasons you are leaving you are leaving because you are not will to be a part of a hardcore playing experiences. Yes there where some mistakes made by the development team that they are working on fixing but if you are wondering why you cant hit level 25 and be in full D grade, its simple that is now how the game is played anymore i do not know if you know about the very early days of lineage 2 it was no where nearly as smooth as it is right now and people only 4 months in to be in b grade is short of a miracle. So saying that it is the development team or the bots that is ruining your play experience is a farce. So what is ruining your playing experience is the thing that is making everyone unhappy. It is the thing that is making people quit and want to wait to come back to the server in a few more months or years. So what is the biggest problem its the economy people are leveling too fast and the adena is getting away from them they are leveling 100% faster then they should and they are losing 100% of the adena and mats they are suppose to be gaining and that is making a huge issue in the economy. Another issue is that classic servers have only been up since October and with that the servers economy is still in its infancy, with that i hate bots and adena sellers as much as the next person but the sad truth is they are kind of the economic stimulus package for server. I know it sounds like i want to defend bots i really don't i just want people to see and understand what problems come along with the birth of servers. So if you want to fix the problem with the servers is to start participating in the economy stop trying to over price your items and and beyond low ball everyone else find and figure out market value and start trading at that and in time the servers will get to where they need to be. We as players hold the power of the economy in our hands not the dev. team. Also the last thing is that the leading clans on the servers need to start leading by example and breaking out in to wider groups. A wise man once said "It's more fun to have 6 friends with 1 beer each, then 1 guy with 6 beer."
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I think they only think that give me solace in this time of not being able to log in. Is that me and my wife (between the 3 of us have 5 account) where just about to get Vip 4 on all our accounts, and this is just NCsoft looking out for our bank account thank you guys
  3. I think that people are only so negative to this topic is because the lack of communication. (That is kind of what started to kill blizzard) Its not that we really think you guys do not care and just want to hammer a paycheck, we as players want to know that us not only not getting paid to play but also giving NCsoft and the lineage 2 team our hard earned money to spend on supporting a game we love to play. Just want a small bit of transparency and respect for everything we do. Even as game developers and making sure that the game is playable for your audience you are in the service industry and with that thought a little respect to the people you server goes a long way because you may have one of the best games out there but with out people to play it you just have a pile of hardware someone paid for to collect dust. So even a slightly since apology would make a huge portion of the community a lot happier. So i will ask a question to the team and that is what would you guys sacrifice to make your players happy?