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  1. Face the facts though guys. These Devs don't do anything. the Korans are the ones running the show and juji has no power here in game to change anything with out asking Daddy Kim.
  2. If anything everything needs to be later. This is an NA company and yet these dumb Devs are catering to all the EU people. majority of people cant do most of the in game continent because its all during normal working hours. How can you not see this is a problem.
  3. Still cant log , wtf man and I dont feel like using some sketchy site for a VPN so I can log.
  4. This isn't a fix. Your using a VPN to log on. I want a fix for the game so I can use the cliant to plah
  5. Been almost 24 hours and still cant log. Wtf, are they even replying and saying what's wrong?
  6. Ok, I'll check when I'm home. I'm going to be pissed if I cant do the raids 2 days in a row. We are losing so much not to mention the runes I have ticking on all my guys
  7. Is the login issue resolved where you cant get past the server select screen. Iv seen people say it is and some say it isn't
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