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  1. 5 days, still unable to login. No answers or updates from NCSoft - It was the weekend so we will let them off. They NEED to give us an update today or the community will lose trust. I can login if I use the free Windscribe VPN so it must be an server issue, blocking certain ISP addresses (or my guess, blocking any IP that was logged in whilst the server restarted, as my Giran shop and PC was on all day during maintenance window).
  2. First solution that has also worked for me so far. Thankyou. This proves that NC soft has a firewall issue that is blocking certain ISP subnets.
  3. @Hardy predicted that it'll be fixed on Wendesday when server is restarted. I believe he is right, NCSoft don't seem to have the staff/resources allocated to resolve major issues. I don't think the number of people affected is understood... I think it is around 1-2k users.
  4. This is brilliant, https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10493-cant-get-past-server-selection/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-79260
  5. I didn't think NCSoft would let this run into the weekend without any updates/communication. Nothing on Twitter, nothing in here. Come on NCSoft, we need a little more than 'we are working on it' now or else people will seriously lose the little faith we have in supporting you.
  6. For me and Hardy, it has been since Wednesday AM.
  7. I have tried with 2 computers, on different ISPs (home, work and 2 different 4G phone providers). I have a friend on the same ISP as me who can login without any issues so this is not region or ISP specific.
  8. Yiar Today at 15:40 Hello, Thank you for providing the requested information. At this time, we are currently aware of this issue and our QA and development teams are looking into it. We will get back to you once we have the update. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Regards, Yiar NCSOFT Support Team
  9. I am still unable to log in on my accounts yet. Hopefully this is a sign that they are actually fixing it though.
  10. I don't have any faith in service being restored before the weekend now... time to re-install some other games.
  11. When I select the server on the server selection screen and click OK, it does nothing. I close L2 and re-launch and it tells me I am already logged in. I am no expert but to me it feels server-side, perhaps like the server believes my session is active and will not close it. NCwest, a scheduled server restart may resolve these 'stale/stuck sessions'.
  12. UK here and also have the same issue on ALL 3 of my accounts (Main, buffer and market account), unable to pass the server select screen. I have tested on 2 different PCs and 3 different networks home network, work network and 4G tethered. All three methods worked fine before the outage. I have run a filerepair twice and it definitely feels like a server-side issue rather than client-side.
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