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  1. Dont worry 1 week more and you can play and spend more money if dont wanna wait 1 week again Hahaha this suck realy day 3 start whit cant play
  2. Cool day 3 and cant login to game looks its not over soon
  3. Played 1 day and cant play 2 day also mhhhh !!! Looks like need to stop play
  4. Its gmt´+1 so europe why i need to chance vpn =?? Maybe chance server to this is ncsoft problem nor us
  5. I think its take like 5 days more when ncsoft fix the login. Looks like they dont have workers
  6. And what silent moderators do your job and talk whit ppls.When fix,whats problem its cant to be so hard.Played like 15 server at all 12 year and first time see so long down server or login problem
  7. This is crazy how cant fix login whit 2 day never ever seen so bad server the illegal servers is do better job and ncsoft cant.Mega bad server to pay
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