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  1. 9 hours ago, Krogan said:

    Is simple, if the server is more hardcore, the people will need other ways to get his character stronger, so the people will purchase more and more and more... 

    The adena/exp rate is very low because THEY WANT THAT THE PEOPLE BUY SS-NG/SS-DG and Xp/Sp Scrolls..

    This is a market..


    Yeap thats point. This is the marketing they sell P2W, but they have to tell what exactly they sell. When they say 1,5 ppl know the official rates and they buy the product base on that. NCWest has to be clear on what they sell us and then people will decide  if they want it, now most of the ppl feel stupid that they lie too them.

    Only if you see Juji on stream you can understand that you cant trust that person.

  2. Not sure but is just a thought.
    NA server is 1,5 version and EU is 2+ not sure, maybe at later versions the xp is bigger because the server is already on for some time so the new player can catch the old.
    Maybe is not like this and NCwest @@ us.
    Any1 that have play both version before can confirm is the xp was the same ?

    BTW very nice post

  3. On 4/4/2018 at 4:36 PM, xSpaWn said:

    for me actually I want to have a fare and square fight to take aden...when MP regen gone we will be there! Don't you think that would be fare guys?


    What is this MP regen bug ? is it official bug or just your excuse for not taking Aden with double the ppl ?


  4. 17 hours ago, Conguero said:


    L2 Store Promotions

    A common criticism we see from you relates to L2 Store promotions. While the base Lineage II experience is free-to-play, you can choose to speed up character advancement with items purchased on the store. We’re taking steps to improve how events and promotions are rolled out to players, with a more consistent rotation of free in-game events—such as the recent Oriana’s Lucky Draw event—that give players opportunities to obtain powerful items that are ordinarily found more rarely in RNG boxes.



    L2 store does not speed up character this days, L2 store MAKE the character this days thats the problem. After 100 there is no way too make AF or Altar instance with mid grade gear, or farm any open field area. You can play hours per day make all instance you can or farm and at the end of day your profit is 1kk, good luck buying a bloody set for 100+ instance that cost 60B. The only way is to go L2 store or quit, and you know where ppl go when you have shutdown 3 servers the last 2 years. The promo are so expencive that  ppl dont even try to buy or make any item with 0,0005% chance, and you only left with few top donators playing the events. 
    Because of gear lack the XP is also hard, and fishing event is not the solution for sure. As for raids the only solution is to make them can be killed only in party of 14 ppl, thoese days only few solo players kill them and they are from top clans to protect them. 
    Hope to see big changes soon in the game i love and dont make me quit .

  5. 18 hours ago, Dictynna said:

    Hello,guys i want to focus on pve so i can farm a bit first and then do my main, my question is which will be better to do,  full stacked or same geared evi or titan?

    Farm what ???? the only thing you can farm is Ncoins, all others are farming from high lvl and crazy geared players so no chance. Just play what you like and buy ncoins. GL HF

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