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  1. The only thing that they did on update wass the cat and removing the atendance. Like if u nedd buffs buy them on the ncstore . Yes they need money 10k players on all west servers, if 500 spend 100 dolars a month is not profitable. Rofl!!
  2. Man wtfast works just launch the first time the game with it then all the others clients you can launch normaly. The bad thing is that is only 7 days solution. Battleping dont work u get xign3 error. And yes im VIP LVL 4 on 2 accaunts and i couldnt play since last update. Ncsoft dont respect annyone they just take your money and 0 support. 4 friens of mine from my country they create account and on the first login they got account bloked for suspicious acctivitie R.I.P ncsoft west
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