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  1. Nice, so haven't been able to log in since Wednesday of last week... so looking forward to that cat buff to catch up on some xp.... Just think of all the lucky people who HAVE been able to play. At least they'll be getting something out of our pain.
  2. Yeah, I'm on the east coast in the US and I haven't been able to login.
  3. I don't understand why at a minimum they haven't done an emergency maintenance and restarted the servers. This is a little... wait never mind, not a little but very ridiculous.
  4. Was able to login no problem yesterday, had issues this morning (took 5 or 6 tries) and now I cant get on at all. I think the most frustrating part is the lack of response from NCSOFT. I understand S8*t happens, and for minor bugs a simple we are aware of the issue it will be fixed at a later time is fine, but for something this GAME BREAKING we expect more frequent updates or we will just walk away.
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