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  1. Question

    Hello guys good evening ! I have some questions for the community : I have an ISS as my only and main char.. people told me to get new char, or to open a 2nd client and play with 2 chars cuz ISS alone could be problematic.. my question is what, how and wich chars should i do? and wich subclasses would be better for iss Thanks
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    well im a new player and i cant connect aswell.. played yesterday and got dc doing hellman at 16:46GMT hour coudnt connect anymore... solution? 28h passed and i cant select server.. logs into game, i try to choose server nothing happens
  3. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    so you're advice is to make a subclass, get an extra DD ( feoh) and lvl both? and use domi when i get stronger, a subclass (iss) to buff party and move on and a DD?
  4. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    dominator cuz it's i played it all the time since the beggining when i start playing lineage2 But i guess it's bad now, cuz everyone is recommending to forget about him and go WC.. but at this time i cant change soo prolly i'll continue with the DOminator and try find a good clan so i can be usefull... i guess... about dual box.. well making a new char from the beggining from 0-85 and lose again 2/3 days to lvl up till 80 like i did i didint want to :D... i read people lvl up 1-85 in 8h i cant understand how ...
  5. What class for beginner - mainly PVE?

    Hello everyone ! i started playing the live server cuz i got bored at classic server.. pain in the a** to get 4% i die and i lose 1hour of farm useless.. ( opinions aswell)... But i'm a lvl 76 dominator and people told me its useless.. so any opinions? should i get 2 chars at once to lvl up and party up to get extra xp? or should i keep the dominator and go go go, and then get a farmer?