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  1. Hello guys, i have another solving for this problem (without change your IP) u guys can try to Turn off your Modem, and wait about 2 min and then turn it on again. and then.... dang..!! i can login... u can try this. thanks
  2. haha u already did, nice you're welcome bro
  3. i thinks so, this is firewall issue, when some country has blocked IP -_-, so sad.
  4. i never had that prob, so strange... have u try to launch L2 using run as admin?
  5. one more NC... i have check my email before this problem appear... i got email for verification code and i can see my IP address and my country like this Country: ID * but when this problem appear my country (in email Verification code) has changed to this. Country: Other * when my country change to Other i cant login. please fix it... pleaseeee.
  6. with "Windscribe" aplication... u can try it....
  7. finally cant login for 4 days... why this happen... please fix it. is there IP bloked? cause i try using another IP, and dang...!!! i can login..! but its still i cant play well cause of lag for using another IP, please fix this IP's block.
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