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  1. Hello, 

    This is what has worked for me and my clan. Of it does not work for you please don't get mad at me... I don't even know why it worked for me. How would you expect me to know why it does not work for you?

    0 - Restart tour computer

    1 - Start the launcher: enter email and password of your account.

    2 - Select the "Repair File" option that appears at the bottom left.

    3 - Wait until the process finishes.

    4 - Launch the game and try yo play.

    5 - Get busted by the server selection screen error.

    6 - Curse as much as you can.

    7 - Start the launcher again... But this time with another account. If you use the same account as in 1 you will get the "Account already in use" error. We do not want that.

    8 - If 7 worked fine then, without closing the client, try launching your main again a couple of times.

    Best regards, 


    La tanga mágica


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  2. Hello, I play (used to) from Argentina and I cannot connect to the game. I just can't pass the server selection screen.

    Will this evolve beyond a "known issue" to be a "solved thing"? Because it was working on Monday. So you guys know exactly what has changed since then.