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  1. Yesterday I connected without problems, today the problem returned, I can not enter, I hope they fix it soon
  2. almost a week and I still can not enter, there are still no answers, there is no information, there is no guide, there is no communication, there is no respect ... week vip 4 lost, 20 min of blessing buff and scrolls is not the same as 168 hours of 25% xp / sp 50% drop 20% fishing, etc ... if there is compensation, considering that the bots that entered maybe also get the compensation, as always, the customer pays.
  3. I am vip 4 and I still can not enter, lost time, lost money. My weekend was lost, it was planned to play after a week of hard work. Why are there bots playing and people who pay could not enter? while others enter for free and earn money illegally with more than 10 accounts, others are giving away money without being able to play ... no matter what they say, this is what is happening at this moment... sad but true. I'm going to see dragon ball, at least I have no problems going to the movies.
  4. I can´t play since yesterday, im VIP4, why is it so hard to maintain a l2 server in 2019? bots, adena sellers. In general the game is very good, the events are entertaining but the maintenance and control of cheating people are deficient. please upload new hats and accessories
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