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  1. More respect for the players

    lol that's why people are playing the game less now because off this attitude mixa. Its called IDGAF attitude we will just take your money and run , its also known by the other name as poor customer service , anyone with this attitude running a business will go broke sooner rather than later.
  2. Sub classes

    Thanks for deleting my sub classes ! Did you even tell people about this before it happened ? Waste my time lvling them up for what. This is what I'm talking about , there is no stability anymore, everything changes too much at the drop of a hat , deleting peoples sub classes , why ?
  3. Put SERVER STATUS on game launcher

    Great minds think alike.
  4. Returning player - R grade,skills

    Good to see others are finally telling how it is , the true reason why the game is dying.
  5. Returning player - R grade,skills

    Having said that this game changes so much , so quickly that buying anything on here is a gamble that in a few months it would probably be useless. Opening / closing servers , changing skills all the time , nobody with half a brain is going to spend money on items , when things change every update , deleted/added etc
  6. Returning player - R grade,skills

    I been trying to tell the admins here this for a couple of years now , lights on nobody's home. Open the wallet ? to buy what ? useless junk ? I will buy a weapon and armour for a reasonable price and whatever else but I'm not going to buy junk like they are currently selling / potions/scrolls lol ? if your going to sell stuff sell real stuff or not at all but if its expensive then forget it.
  7. Bound items

    Get rid of this stupid clan development points, its stopping me from getting my clan buffs, I cant expect people to join my clan without clan buffs but you have set the bar too high for smaller clans to expand and take on the larger ones , so only the same old top boring clans will always be there without being challenged.
  8. Bound items

    Bring back bound item drops , so people can at least have a basic weapon / armour for their levels. Level 95 etc still using lvl 85 basic gear , with no chance of getting enough adena or mats etc etc because you have more chance of winning lotto than getting a drop of some kind , even mat drops or spoil rate is lol , people are not going to spend months trying to get mats for gear only to make it with a 60% chance and if it fails lol they give up. Most people play the game socially and casual not 24/7 , people can't spend 24/7 trying to make gear all the time , the game becomes boring and useless cause all your doing is playing to make gear and nothing else, just bring back bound item drops at a reasonable drop rate so we can enjoy playing the game again, no point introducing it at the current drop rate of 0.00000.1 or whatever because it will go on sale for 100m + like the rest of the gear here. lol at people selling things for 1b + seriously ? Bound items use to sell for 10 - 20 mil , people can afford to buy them, they are very basic gear bound only to the person who opens the item , cant trade them/sell them etc they are struck with the toon who opened it. Seriously guys I been here since 2011 , the servers were packed when I joined here with real players , you need to review what you was doing right back in 2011 to make this game popular again.
  9. Account Limitation

    They need to limit how many toons can log on at one time , I think 3 should be the limit.
  10. PC stats

    Any chance of making a window or whatever to show us our Ping/CPU /memory use etc etc whilst connected ? A lot of games have this now and it will allow us to know if we have any issues. Also on your website you should have an indicator like a green or red light letting everybody know if the server is up or down , its a pain in the butt going through the login process sending codes etc only to find out 10 min later the server is down.
  11. Game DC

    Try a DNS flush , sometimes when your disconnecting you need to flush the DNS cache. ipconfig /flushdns <------ type that line in the windows command line box., you know the black screen box, Either that or sometimes your ping can be too high and you will DC. Your firewall can cause you to DC as well when your PC send a ping to the server or visa versa to see that your still connected , some firewalls block incoming or out going pings depending on the settings , Zone alarm was a classic for this but if your using just the basic Windows firewall without altering the settings then this will not be a problem, if my PC is put into sleep mode , it will DC the game from the server.
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    This lag is the same lag you get when somebody is DDOSing a server. What is DDoSing? In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a denial-of-service attack using 2 or more (typically many more) computers.
  13. problem with keyboard after windows 10 update 1903

    I just had this same problem after a new game install and I can confirm 100% this was the problem and as above will fix it. Windows 10 / settings / devices / typing / turn off, show text suggestions as I type. FIXED ! What a pest of a thing to work out !
  14. Launcher

    You have to allow anything to do with NCsoft/ L2 / launcher etc through your 3rd party firewall and then you shouldnt have a problem. Windows firewall should do this anyway , its the other firewalls causing the problems. Ok all good now , I have 3 clients running , tri boxing buffers etc. Each time youu want to run a new client / game you must close the installer and run it again like Dave said. Only 3 games can run as normal. Working fine for me at the moment but if I have anymore problems I will just delete my firewall and go back to Windows firewall , always had a problem with Zonealarm and this game. Thanks