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  1. NCLauncher 2

    My launcher doesnt even load.
  2. NCLauncher 2

    Go to your NCSoft folder in programs C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage II and find the black L2 launcher, from there make a desktop shortcut or run the old L2 launcher from there.
  3. Launcher

    The new launcher is not working Did you test it before releasing it ?
  4. Drop rate

    While the game is down I will take advantage of playing another game.
  5. Drop rate

    I chose to GTFO.
  6. Drop rate

    lol your telling me you got a character from lvl 0 - 20 in 1 or 2 hours ? on classic server ? I SAY BS and 200k - 300k I know that's BS
  7. Drop rate

    NCsoft only made the game truly free to kill off illegal servers and it worked good until they started making the game impossible to progress at your correct level.
  8. Drop rate

    Enjoy playing there because while it might be popular right now because its new to noobs like yourself they will just play until they understand how they can not progress and will leave. Do you know why they have been deleting servers last couple of years ? because the server was dead , not many people playing and I will be 100% as soon as the Classic hype is over a server or two will close there too. I played classic on a illegal server when NCsoft was taking illegal servers to court and suing them over copyright laws only difference from a illegal server and their version was the drop rates and tweaks that made the game playable.
  9. Drop rate

    ok great I will get to lvl 30 and maybe by lvl 40 C grade I might be able to buy a D grade wep.
  10. Drop rate

    I can tell you after playing both their is not much difference.
  11. Drop rate

    Like I said many times before the drop rate and spoil rates is what is killing this game people are finding it impossible to make their own gear and to make their money to buy gear. People just want to be able to play the game and to progress if they can not progress then they will leave. Current situation with live is at lvl 85 - 90 the game sux hard most of my characters are level 85 because I do not see any point in progressing further as I either have to make my own gear or buy it and both options are almost impossible with the current drop rates of less than a fraction of 1% like 0000.1 - 000.5 seriously ? The best thing they ever did was common drop items at a fair drop rate. I keep repeating this and nobody hears. Give people a purpose to play once they reach lvl 85 or your game will die like it already has, the game is playable up to lvl 85 then it dies in the butt for people who want to solo on to the point that they give up unless your in a clan with lots of active members , that raisers another point lots of people do not want to join clans they just want to solo , do not develop the game to be only clan related and force people to join clans if they want to progress in the game wtf is that idea ? its a hard big fail.
  12. Drop rate

    Well yes I know of the armour quest but a crap D grade wep is about 800,000 and when your buying everything like shots and everything else you need it makes it BS hard. I have already played Classic when it first came out this is not new to me that's why I know back then I was A grade running around in c grade gear or something like that. What I am trying to say is your gear will be always behind your level grade. Your trying to tell me something I already have experienced in the past when Classic / official was the game back then , this Classic game server now is just a tweaked version of the old one but the basics are the same. Just remember why they moved on from the Classic version in the 1st place , the updates from Classic were made for a reason and that being that the classic game needed to be more modern with more tweaks hence that's why they update games. Ncsoft is not the only one trying to revamp their original game that made them big back then ,other games are doing the same thing and they are doing it because they have lost players and the only thing they can put it down to is the game has changed so much that it has drifted away from the original so much that its a total different game , so they figure getting the original back might get the players back and it does work until the player see how worse off they are by actually going back to the past. This is why they update games to make the game better to play and to attract more people but sometimes as the bad updates come out it can change a game for a direction of fail. This game has changed so much since classic that the only thing they could ever do is re launch Classic like they have and try and start again that they will but most of those game developers of that era would be either retired or dead or have moved on ,you got to remember this game started in the early 2000s so that's 18 years, I started playing this game in their C4 version I think was in 2004 something like that , that long ago I can't remember. Another game I have been playing just as long as this are having the same problems as this game they updated the game that much and went off into a different direction from the original game that in the end people left in the thousands and the game nearly died, they too have relauched the original game and once again I have already played that too. Yes I went back for a look and played but at the end of the day you can not get back what you once had. My advise to game developers is listen to the people but remember that it was your original version where it all started that had the players interested and do not drift too far away from that version , update it but still make it playable not too hard but enjoyable otherwise your game will get to what it is now. Yes both games have serious bot problems and yes bots kill games always from day 1 both games had bot and lag problems , lol. nothing changed there.
  13. I just had an account locked in Classic for suspicious activity. I do not bot and I hate botters / cheaters because it kills games. Something is wrong with their bot detection system because all I was doing was dual boxing a character with my buffer. I must admit during the grinding I did manage to report myself with the bot report button due to the fact I was following my other character so I was already clicked on it and I hit the wrong button but I do not know if that was the reason for the locked account. If you dual box do not have the report button in your tool bar or you will do what I did. NCsoft now put the bot report button by default in the tool bar , so get it out of there or you will stuff it up like I did. Another thing is new players will report others if they see a character following another because they are new and do not understand what dual boxing is and they do not understand that it is allowed up to 3 characters , so they think it is a bot train and report you ,
  14. Never mind I am leaving Classic and going back to the Nadia server. The adena drop rate sux and the spoil rate is lol , im not wasting anymore time here with a spoil / drop rate for wep materials or chance of a wep drop at 0.01 - 0.05 this is roflmao rates , you ppl have no clue. Nadia server rates sux too but at least I have gear to play with at my level even though its the standard junk gear you get given to you better than nothing but lol at the spoil / drop rate /chance of 00.1 -00.5 I have more chance of getting aids from this game. goodbye.