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  1. im on a different time zone , my time here is UTC +11 2:54 AM Friday, 17 January 2020 understand now ? anyway server is up so im outty here ty bye
  2. I just spent an hour trying to launch but it kept crashing and I was unaware the server was still down , thought it was my L2 client.
  3. Juji put a server status light on L2 web site so we know its not the client crashing
  4. ok obviously I got my answer but wow seriously think about what I said so we don't have to stuff around for an hour trying find out with is going on , thanks
  5. nobody is complain about the server being down , we just want to know if it is or not we cant tell and im play L2 not Twitter so I should have to go to twitter to find out if the L2 server im play is on or off really ? twitter does twitter own L2 now :?
  6. this is what im saying , put a server status on the L2 web site lol its not hard.
  7. like I said I have no way of telling , im 1 day a head of the server time.
  8. ok thanks but don't you think the server status should be on L2 web site rather than twitter? after all its L2 not a twitter game.
  9. server is on or off ? need to put a green light or red light on website so we know if the server is up or down or our client is crashing for another reason. I have no way of telling if its because the server is down or if I have a problem my end. I mentioned this a long time ago but still nothing.
  10. is the server up or down now ? no way of telling client crashes when its trying to load.
  11. Ok im outty here again see you when I try again next time / bye 6 months off / 2 hours on /Welcome back.....
  12. Not my ISP buddy. 91/100 34/40 2 ms Download 91.2 Mbps Upload 34.6 Mbps
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