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  1. Juji, Since you took over the producer job from being the assistant this game has slowly gone down hill. Think you need to contact your old boss and bring the game back to its 2011 glory days. No disrespect ment but the game is really poor now compared to 2011.
  2. You shouldn't have to join a party to level up a character, but L2 here has been drifting away from playing this game solo for about 9 years. They are trying to make you join clans and party together to get anywhere or anything. Unfortunately that might work in theory but not everybody here plays at the same time across the world, so the game is now only made for those who come from certain parts of the world and play at certain times. It sux but this is the way they want it to be hence why the game has slowly died since 2011.
  3. This changes depending on what they nerf on the next updates. Its the same with any other character, one update your the best damage dealer in the game then next update they nerf it. At the end of the day you can spend a lot of time getting your toon to max level, then in one update they can nerf it making it useless. It happens all the time.
  5. This use to be the best online game you could play back in 2011. It has slowly died since then making it in 2021 a waste of time to grind and play now. They need to go back and look at 2011 and see why the game was so popular back then and reintroduce its game path because as it is in 2021 it is a waste of time to play. No incentive for players to grind until lvl 105, no drops. GO BACK TO 2011 AND SEE WHERE YOU WENT WRONG FROM THERE ONWARDS.
  6. Maybe you tried to login during an update. This is why I asked them to put some sort of green light on their website when the server is up and running or red light when its down for an update etc. Instead of logging on and trying to work out why the logon isnt starting the game, its not rocket science seriously and lol if you think im going to go to twitter to find out if the server is up, seriously im playing L2 not twitter.
  7. Hi, Have been playing this game here since 2011. I like a lot of people have a few characters per account not just 1 character that you can level up to max. No drops till level 105 ? i think it sux as there is no incentive to continue to grind hours for nothing. I dont play this game much anymore because of this, I just log on now and then to keep my accounts active and hope that they bring the game back to the 2011 days when it was packed full of players and was a good game to play, now it is pointless. Ill come back when you change the game more towards how it was i
  8. im on a different time zone , my time here is UTC +11 2:54 AM Friday, 17 January 2020 understand now ? anyway server is up so im outty here ty bye
  9. I just spent an hour trying to launch but it kept crashing and I was unaware the server was still down , thought it was my L2 client.
  10. Juji put a server status light on L2 web site so we know its not the client crashing
  11. ok obviously I got my answer but wow seriously think about what I said so we don't have to stuff around for an hour trying find out with is going on , thanks
  12. nobody is complain about the server being down , we just want to know if it is or not we cant tell and im play L2 not Twitter so I should have to go to twitter to find out if the L2 server im play is on or off really ? twitter does twitter own L2 now :?
  13. this is what im saying , put a server status on the L2 web site lol its not hard.
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