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  1. yes, it´s already posted as known issues for this update and they are working on it
  2. dude... You are too old for this already
  3. Nevermind, I just found the known issues for this update.
  4. Hey guys Is this a mistake or just a bad joke? Attendance reward was supposed to last 1 more week, now there is another totally different. Can we get to finish the old attendance rewards box first then you can change it? @Juji
  5. why you changed attendance rewards? there was still 1 week to go to get those items @Juji
  6. This is your confirmation? This is the source of your worries? come on kid, you must be kidding. Now I see why are you being ignored
  7. I could not find any mention about this in the patch notes, can you please tell us where is this info?
  8. totally agree, cc and ally system is so broken. For example, you can attack and kill your allies in a castle siege even when your allies are signed to defend and help u. speaking about things that make no sense at all
  9. if u wanna kill pvp give us cursed weapon or soul confinement skill to all
  10. easy actually, of course, depends on how much money u want to put in the game and how OPed are your items. Let's say you have an OP archer full of nice gears, put all these gears in a lv 1 char, then get it to lv 99 in a couple of hours may be less, then get in ACM and u will hit 101-102 in 1 hour; pay another hour and u will hit 102-103 probably, then go castilla 110, then u can go blazing and leave it auto hunt till next day.
  11. Mate, today with these server settings which will last for 3 more weeks I get to level mentees to 105 in 1 week top, my friend who actually spends money in the game and have top gears get his mentees to 105 in 3 days. If you want some advice on how to level up fast send me a pm and I help you.
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