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  1. Need crafter for Theca Gaiters. Mail pqxyz Thank you.
  2. But healing ove power is not consistent, why?. If a healing skills says 100 power, and other one says 200 power, that'd mean that'd heal for double the power. This is not the case. Eficency is more like a consecuence of this problem imo.
  3. You are not giving a lot of info.
  4. Yeah, in dmg there are a lot of values that influence total output. Plus, damage is always tied to a RNG that gives out a wide range of damage, not a fixed number. Heals are pretty much straight forward, and there are not supposed to be too much of hidden values. That's why my title is a question: is this working as intented even though is not making sense? is skill power description wrong? I'd like to have access to other l2 classic, like KR PTS or something (or they should do a test server) to see if this works the same way across all classics. Maybe there's something wrong, maybe there is n
  5. Game mechanics have a logic, that's why they are mechanics and not things that happen. If a game skill power is the double of similar game skill power, in same context results should be double. Since Heal is not affected by rng, I'm providing evidence that is either not working properly or not decribed properly. Saying that 99% of the skills doesn't make sense is a stament you have made but you don't give any evidence that is actually that way. And yes, greater heals, have better time efficency but, acording to skill description, should have better power-mana efficency, but, has you
  6. Hello everybody. I'm a bishop and I have been noticing that Greater Heal is not entirely healing as much as expected from years of experience. I know there are many issued in NA servers right now, buy haven't read anyone talking about this one in particular, so that's why I make this thread. In order to provide evidence, I run a quick test and made some math so you can easily see my point. Test have been done with a lv. 42 Bishop with a D grade weapon (42 m atk) using BSSD and wearing a divine set. The skills I used were: Greater Heal lv. 4 Power: 376 acording to skill de
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