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  1. No my First time having lag in this server but this time is freaking bad,, plz do something even to make Catilla is a challenge now.. my evi take about 2 sec to hit and some times even stop . this is affecting everybody I am surprise no many are complaining here.....
  2. And I was planing to change to a yull , guess I am too late to join the pt.. archers are the Best for everything longest you can afford top gear..
  3. "Be careful what we wish for... some times we get it" What a change from yesterday, some archers taking 2 / 3 places, now IOS is empty , just me guess has to do with the amount of adena drops now.. but now I ask myself with prices as they are right now, how, I am suppose to get adena to buy gear? been playing over 8 years I have decent gear but no enough to play Baylor, and I think how in the world new players will be able to get gear if I am having troubles myself.. I am concern about this game future. and if any one know how we " agument " the at
  4. Maybe wrong post but .. patch Notes say we can "agument the Atlas earring."..... from where do we get these stones ?
  5. No sure if it is the right place,, but the evicerators have a new sharping sound bells "noise" that is annoying , any way we can lower it with out kill all the sound effects?
  6. most of us are low geared and i been here for several years ...
  7. It would be nice if they start from 0 , like a new regular player and see how far they can go on this game as it is right now.
  8. . this is not just players from outside USA.....I am from USA and for almost 2 days I cant log in... launcher work until i click to log in / ok... and nothing happen. login on an old classic server account work so is not the ip.
  9. how we will will play this now? 2 sometimes 3 drops for 14 players? and waiting for everyone to be present to pick drops will be crazy..
  10. I dont even get to Queue , after maintenance I am not able to to sign into the game, when i get to the window to join / ok; nothing happen.
  11. how would you quit this one if you have been more than 10 years, , you are h level and have a lot of expensive gear? I would be a God in one of the new servers / classic...lol
  12. I am one of the many who pay / buy stuff from the L2 store , i have not problem with that I know the CO needs real money to keep working .. so I am a customer but not a happy one :(..., I am not a hard core player ( only play about 14 hours / day 7 days) but what is getting to me is the lack of quest , rewards fun stuff, as it is r now is most just farming .. I am farming 24 /4 per week or soo and I ask myself what is the point farming ? is not fun. only little fun left i can find is doing coal mine and castilla but still no drops. I
  13. Daily coins removal is going to affect some of us.... question. Where or how do we get Top grade weapons stones ? Ps, cos some of you ( me included) dont lag , does not mean there is not lag..indirect the lag affect me, in Pt when almost every one is lagging and some even look frozen. sure I play solo, there is not problem..
  14. Please fix the game.. r now is very lagy, hunting give us low xp. low adena and just doing this is getting old. instances can't be done, I am 105 with " decent gear", I was the lowest on a Pt , my weapon is a Bloody +12 fits , 10 minutes on Kamaloca , we only scratch the first boss like 1%.
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