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  1. ppl here complaining boosts are wasted. yes. boosts NCsoft gave u for free...
  2. Bar Exp Bugged?

    yes u are not earning same exp as before cus u are earning more now
  3. Forgotten Power Skillls

    Does it really increase adena requirement as lvl become higher? Same stat different price. Not fair for those higher lvls when this skill was introduced.
  4. mx 3 clients per pc now...guess they only fixed that
  5. hm :)

    still non factor

    then why refinery still full?

    allowed or not?
  8. pvp player. i watched this guy in youtube always get slaughtered LOL
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    he got insulted LOL who the hell are you to give orders?
  10. Juji lab test please

    bs reason.. I bet gm realized its a waste of time so he stopped it
  11. Juji lab test please

    test what? why don't you test yourself?
  12. More Boxes

    cus 7 is a little too much to ask