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  1. Wish it can accumulate in a week. Reset to 60 mins after each maintenance. So we can do the 7hrs a week u give us in 1 go! ?
  2. I have reported those bots in an exploited spots last week. Went back there 4 hrs ago and they were gone. Hopefully forever... @Juji Keep a close eye on that bugged spot in blazing swamp pls.
  3. Hi @Juji @Hime If you care about the players pls look into my ticket: #23477660
  4. nope. they always remove adena farming grounds in ports.
  5. What the hell is happening? Two nights now im experiencing lag on same time. Launcher not working or too long to open. even when u close it, its not fkin closing. Im not from Europe so not that many players on. Everything else is fine except this fkin launcher! WTF IS GOING ON????
  6. u said last week... in 2 weeks... that means next week you will lift the limit
  7. this policy is stupid. time to remove this.
  8. Please list it down 1. Refinery 20/40/60 mobs 2. 3. 4.
  9. for iss just get def/hp/element resist and maybe mp regen
  10. tnx for reminding us the meaning of MMORPG u can still play a role in a community and XP ALONE. its not entirely correlated so many narrow-minded people. it is annoying
  11. you dont get it. u can say play with others all u want but that is applicable if we have equal gear... truth is no1 will invite u if u have non OP gear, oh u say farm for gear? we farm little amount of adena on dailies using many boxes created and lvled up through many years. this is the method thats applicable to us. on the otherhand, ncsoft easily hands over 5b to cursed weapon/ where's justice here? these are the ppl who say 3 box is more than enough. cus they rmt their gears to be top and farm so they can sell. we all know this cycle. pls dont turn a fkin blind eye. f
  12. ofc my macro is better as it is. or else i wont be sharing it with u the change of target to dd to self and back to dd makes sure healer follow the dd its not like im putting extra lines for nothing i use this macro anywhere
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