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  1. Blessing

    I want upgrade my r95 to r99 after to r110 but where I can get scroll of blessing for r95 ?
  2. XP Nerfado in New Areas

    I have video with exp in ev before exp event and after I need chek this
  3. So I say if you want load+5 toons you need buy premium. Example you can log only one account to load 2nd you need buy premium ,now you can load 2 toons buy if you want more on 2nd toon you need buy premium too for 3rd account.
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    U lie u want 2 summoner heal isa + tank after pet dead summon his back by auto summon. Don,t lie man
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Juji:1 day rune exp 200%will be distributed +weekend no vitality consumption.
  6. Tyr momentum Fail

    And give you 30 p attack?
  7. Known Issue: Server Latency

    1 day rune exp 200%will be distributed
  8. Top jewel price is 500-700b so this new sets give good TOP stats and price is good for that what you have so you receive 2 in 1 set 180bi=1,500+ dollar
  9. Circlet event+some bag event+package event discount with vitality
  10. Man you want top set for nothing? Lol
  11. So please don 't fix new pull I can easy pull 3 and more spots I check how long in hellbound mobs will follow you, easy you can pull +20 mobs and they don't run back to spot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUcZBKscSHc&feature=youtu.be
  12. Check new location top hellbound 2017 spot give you desert one mob give you 1,6bil so mb this is bug but mobs in enchanted valley have no range to run from spot so you can pull mobs and they don't run out. Check mob in hellbound wrf follow range mobs)
  13. What's wrong with Freya/Zaken ?

    They deleted drop all drop in l2 store tarot event.
  14. Paulina R99 (30 days)

    Play with r95 30 day blessed items on 4game weapon have 2 sa 5 lvl 300 att wind)