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  1. the Failure of Max

    Lol this is overloaded side 0% chance
  2. Anyone care to discuss?

    Devil Trigger
  3. Anyone care to discuss?

    99% chance item will drop and 1 % it will be /destroyed
  4. Stage 3 Craft - Siege - June 10th - Chronos

    Server Reaper
  5. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    + don't forget sos+ judi(https://l2central.info/wiki/Инстинкт_разрушения_-_Инспектор) buff+ warcryer buff crit+ pom+ no sonatas cat buff crit
  6. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    0:20 when you hear this sound this means right now will be very nice
  7. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    Phoenix useless siegel eva best pvp tank shilen best for pvp skill dmg dark avenger race dark elf have top pve auto attack dmg because have top str
  8. MERGE 2.0 (Naia vs Freya)

    Drgon hunterz lul any ways
  9. Doom Wraith Sealbook

    Warning! This item cannot be obtained in the game anymore
  10. How to break HP Limit

    ATT attack is main dmg not p attack LD
  11. Anyone still playing Feoh Soul Taker?

    Also SH suck in all chronicle now he can deal dmg)
  12. Anyone still playing Feoh Soul Taker?

    Good dark stance so for pve/pvp(oly) i up lvl my archmage until 99lvl as necro good debuff power but in pvp suck only in
  13. 6 Dragon Weapon Clan FAIL HARD !!

    Archmage is useless because if you have good d def dot don't deal dmg and yes att can not be exchanged to other i mean he deal 0 dmg
  14. Molensa 1 hit Isnipyes :))))

    Max HP decreases by 0.5%, Bow/Crossbow Critical Rate increases by 20% and Critical Damage increases by 20% per second. nice buff ?
  15. Molensa 1 hit Isnipyes :))))

    See this is good video