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  1. Shield Defence Rate and Effect

    Templar knight have only top with some old skills + top con+ knight sp skill
  2. khavatari vrs titan 103 all bloody, what is better?

    Gh so he can deal top dps from skill he have top totem for p crit and always he can be pvp pve class destr only pve
  3. Gears to solo Instances

  4. Adena+item mall

    SO i have quest how i can get adena if we don;t have stuff in item mall thah can be sold so maybe need add some more events taro jewel and etc so this is sad i have money to pay but i don't know what i can buy and sell)

    So mb statr balance cloak with perma absor + tanzanit and topaz because Ncsoft made playable mages and tanker but they recive 1 dot mark that per 2ticks kill you hp and cp with noob items 2 tick no hp no cp use topaz and kill everything so the is question what need do if im full geared and dead from 1 mark +topaz
  6. from group seed

    How to get good drop from worst seed Large Squash Seed (Defective) there are things that you need know= you need (5 races 5 weapons) use 5 times nectar to seed the is answer 5 race one race use one nectar= and see what happen next. ORC=fist weapon HUMAN=spear DARK ELF=dual sword DWARF=blunt ELF= sword stay in circle and each race need use nectar only one time 1 race =20% drop 20x5=100
  7. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    So 1 race feed only one time) so with diff wep ) no artheas and kama just do it and yes need swap with weapons
  8. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    5 race need to feed only one time this is why )
  9. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    5 races 5 weapons 5 notes do circle from diff races with diff wep
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

    And question about exp i have basic 200% bonus and also will have +300%
  11. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    How many people need to grown with chrono weapon Large Squash Seeds
  12. 14th Anniversary Preview

    There is 60 nc coin for vitality not 160 300+200 scroll+vital runa + other buffs = +500 bonus
  13. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Or mb dragon chest event or some box events not squash event hj wait free soulshots
  14. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Squash Event change to tarot or mb other event ?
  15. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Special discount on Vitality items ?