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  1. Pve

    After infinity odyssey arches kill game grand crusade mages pow pom and in all locations mobs with earth att mean they have low ressist to wind, now NO
  2. Brooch/Brooch Jewels

    Problem is now olympiad is the same like field pve full buff+ broch cloack etc. No more gameplay ju
  3. Pve

    To play archer really you need invest 50k$ minimum to maximize everything but main is skill critical chance and damage.
  4. Enchanted shadow weapon

    Can i bestow into enchanter shadow weapon Life stone and SA?
  5. Skill Enchants

    I want know difference between +0 and +10 skills
  6. Skill Enchants

    Can. I see source
  7. Skill Enchants

    10+ give you around 5% something like that
  8. Skill Enchants

    +10 enchanted main skills for feoh is really will give you damage? Or this is money wasting
  9. Also where I can know server time I live in New York and this is in game time?
  10. Event is not good no normal drop no crystal r no blessing r95 weapon how I can upgrade my r95 to r99 and Krishna? Deton potion for fishing when no fishing event=[ non tradable letters. Need add to event r crystal and blessing r95 weapon scroll. Freya wind beer well some bots enjoy this.
  11. Blessing

    I want upgrade my r95 to r99 after to r110 but where I can get scroll of blessing for r95 ?
  12. XP Nerfado in New Areas

    I have video with exp in ev before exp event and after I need chek this
  13. So I say if you want load+5 toons you need buy premium. Example you can log only one account to load 2nd you need buy premium ,now you can load 2 toons buy if you want more on 2nd toon you need buy premium too for 3rd account.
  14. Known Issue: Server Latency

    U lie u want 2 summoner heal isa + tank after pet dead summon his back by auto summon. Don,t lie man
  15. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Juji:1 day rune exp 200%will be distributed +weekend no vitality consumption.