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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    O yes I want it
  2. And one day jewels can be used on olympiad?
  3. About firecrackers, if I use one time cracker I receive stage5 for example after I use again and it will increase stage or decrease it?
  4. Clan leader

    Or just give me status for clan buff
  5. Give you all harmonies but after 99 gives lvl2 harmony knight
  6. Clan leader

    Yes but I want stay in this clan because this is good for toons and afk players and last time I see clan leader is end of 2017 so maybe administration can change leader?
  7. m atack or m crit Dmg?

    For sample I use sa m.crit+empower for arch mage,spell howler, mystic muse and yes 2sa+ 2 rings after that you have no critical dmg source and you boost m.attack I check it in pve by use dual class skill empower and I feel difference
  8. Noobies Doubts

    Buy 200% rune izi exp 88-99 in silent valley
  9. Pve mage

    What is better? Pve weapon or cloak +10
  10. Mages

    So arch spellhowler and mystic muse they have attribute attack power in main abilities,example archemage volcanic destruction deal fire attack when you use fire stance this stance give fire attribute damage to elemental storm and expose ability burst this mean this 3mage are good with sa m.attack+ m crit dmg all others is toilet also from dual class empower +18%
  11. leveling post 87?

    Feoh summoner izi dot dmg silent valley 89-99 exp rune 200% per one day. Ofc dot dmg win or archer with kelbim and 8set
  12. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    For sample if you play on 4game and you use chat too advertise you twich channel or do title with channel name and you are standart player(not hero or top sider) you well be banned but if you are in top side you pay you can do it and I see how sider advertise their channel=] enoy
  13. The client will be closed. Do you want to pay?

    Talking Island= Grand Kain(ru server) so very hard to play because this is first USA classic server