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  1. Alchohealer OP ARCHER WITH OVER HIT CAN'T FARM SOI WITH ONE SHOT OVERHIT? How you op 1 button get 120? 125 farm field mobs this instance zone, 100-101 for 5 min in coal 101-105 with 1200% boost exp how? Yes 2hr to get it 106-108 in SOI with the same % you need 5-hrs if you can one shot mobs with over op hit.
  2. Why coupon will be delted? Why not to leave it until september or ?
  3. About price 1st stage dagger on 4games price is 65b is mean 500$ 50b=500$ slasher staff price is 100-120b and bow still expensive. Or i can try enchant weapon and waste + 2k$ to get crystal or i can spend 500$ and get 100% weapon with dmg.
  4. Top weapon for skill dmg class also tyrr mage archer no alternative, pvp enchant set give you 20% pvp defense weappn gove you 30 pvp attack. Only for evis dragon weapon is useless.
  5. Bow is one day and 3 days waiting to get another 3 ticket dual tyrr is best for dual i change my othell 103 to tyrr, also up my archer from 100 to almost 104 for 40 min no gear.)
  6. Build is skill and standart dmg.
  7. Pve and maybe pvp tyrr gh or tyrr titan?
  8. SasyPisos


    After infinity odyssey arches kill game grand crusade mages pow pom and in all locations mobs with earth att mean they have low ressist to wind, now NO
  9. Problem is now olympiad is the same like field pve full buff+ broch cloack etc. No more gameplay ju
  10. SasyPisos


    To play archer really you need invest 50k$ minimum to maximize everything but main is skill critical chance and damage.
  11. Can i bestow into enchanter shadow weapon Life stone and SA?
  12. I want know difference between +0 and +10 skills
  13. 10+ give you around 5% something like that
  14. +10 enchanted main skills for feoh is really will give you damage? Or this is money wasting
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