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  1. Skill Enchants

    I want know difference between +0 and +10 skills
  2. Skill Enchants

    Can. I see source
  3. Skill Enchants

    10+ give you around 5% something like that
  4. Skill Enchants

    +10 enchanted main skills for feoh is really will give you damage? Or this is money wasting
  5. Also where I can know server time I live in New York and this is in game time?
  6. Event is not good no normal drop no crystal r no blessing r95 weapon how I can upgrade my r95 to r99 and Krishna? Deton potion for fishing when no fishing event=[ non tradable letters. Need add to event r crystal and blessing r95 weapon scroll. Freya wind beer well some bots enjoy this.
  7. Blessing

    I want upgrade my r95 to r99 after to r110 but where I can get scroll of blessing for r95 ?
  8. XP Nerfado in New Areas

    I have video with exp in ev before exp event and after I need chek this
  9. So I say if you want load+5 toons you need buy premium. Example you can log only one account to load 2nd you need buy premium ,now you can load 2 toons buy if you want more on 2nd toon you need buy premium too for 3rd account.
  10. Known Issue: Server Latency

    U lie u want 2 summoner heal isa + tank after pet dead summon his back by auto summon. Don,t lie man
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Juji:1 day rune exp 200%will be distributed +weekend no vitality consumption.
  12. Tyr momentum Fail

    And give you 30 p attack?
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    1 day rune exp 200%will be distributed
  14. Top jewel price is 500-700b so this new sets give good TOP stats and price is good for that what you have so you receive 2 in 1 set 180bi=1,500+ dollar
  15. Circlet event+some bag event+package event discount with vitality