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  1. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    For sample if you play on 4game and you use chat too advertise you twich channel or do title with channel name and you are standart player(not hero or top sider) you well be banned but if you are in top side you pay you can do it and I see how sider advertise their channel=] enoy
  2. The client will be closed. Do you want to pay?

    Talking Island= Grand Kain(ru server) so very hard to play because this is first USA classic server
  3. "Client must close"

    To buy vip you need enter game but if you can't enter you can't buy=] BB man see you
  4. Beware People Of "Custom" Classic Players

    Stop bark dog? Classic mean u need have free privat server drop rates? Or what? Lol real hardcore when on new server you make real money starting from selling first dropped items to shop npc and joy hard farming
  5. Nice quest lol wow amazing adena 300bil all have drag weapons sh3t oo) (no)
  6. swamp and Fairy Settlement in this location adena drop is bad all times. so check location superion etc?
  7. Stop cry play in ng set and enjoy your 20 000k adena? Need adena go to main version stop cry dogs
  8. When I tap apply it says you have no character so I have character
  9. The same day ti server at night USA when need go to sleep because morning time you need work server have 5k+
  10. I'm live in NY city so if I start play morning what time it will be in Europe
  11. Code for pack

    When I press apply it don't show servers and characters? What is the problem
  12. правда или ложь)

    Если есть акк можешь заходить просто создать нельзя
  13. Code for pack

    Yes it show me I have no character lol I have on two servers