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  1. we dont deserve nothing... they said they will announce later in 2k22 relax
  2. we dont care on what you saying there is one page and you have already commented 5 times for the same reason and there is no1 answering you if you can wait thats cool if u cant unistall.
  3. You must be dumb there is no other way how to explain you that they say they will give if you can't wait go and cook smth on ur kitchen or go sleep on ur bed or even better CUT THE CABLES OF UR KEYBOARD
  4. So after all that nothing about the community that its online till know asking questions and wait for honest and fair respond right?
  5. @Hime The people who created accounts after 31/8/2020 what they gonna do?
  6. So i created my character after 31/08/2020 i dont deserve the same with other ppl?
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