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  1. bots outside dion.

    How can you ignore the 20-50 bots with unicorns running outside dion gates to dlvled on mobs?
  2. UNFAIR banning to users

    Maybe they weren't banned for botting, maybe they were banned for buying adena. It's hard to believe anyone regardless, but if there are people banned for no reason all it does it kill the game. So, in the long run it will effect who ever owns the rights to this game more than it will effect you.
  3. Level cap

    Just because someone gets in a cp doesn't make them better than anyone! There are many variables why someone might not have or find a cp. Also, this game is not just a party game, a solo game, a nc shop or not buying anything in the nc shop game. It's a balance, without one group the rest fails. Right now the biggest problems are money sellers and bots. PERIOD!