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  1. Tree Bug

    @Hime Not sure if it's supposed to happen, but the Trees are re-genning mobs HP when they're close by the Tree. Seems like a glitch or bug to me.
  2. February update patch notes???

    Why is everyone such a ******* whiner? He literally came on and gave you guys an answer. Considering maintenance is on Wednesdays, that's when updates get done and the notifications of those usually happen the day/night before , SOMETIMES the same morning. And also, February only has 2 more (3 if you count tomorrow) of them left. So it's likely going to be one of them since he said "soon" and the damn letter said late February. It boggles my mind at some of the complaints you guys throw out. SMFH.
  3. It's a base bonus. It will stack with every xp pot/bonus/rune
  4. The servers were having some issues with people connecting for a bit and it sounds like you used a backdoor method to enter onto the servers and they figured that out. Or i unno.
  5. WL + 1 and 2 boxes

    The pdef/run spd/mdef makes a very big difference. SE isn't needed for a WL since you can buy the Vamp scrolls/stews
  6. Was nice while it lasted

    LMFAO 150 pvps. Childs play, bro. Get out of here with the whining.
  7. There's nothing wrong with the event. lol. If you have even an hour to xp you'll get more xp in that time (solo or group) than you would get from 12 hours of afk fishing. C'mon now..I don't see how ppl can complain over this when it's just you being lazy and wanting more in a classic server that is "supposed" to be hard.