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  1. You have 12 slots. Use them accordingly for what you want. You don't need to have 3 target macros. And a PP will regen faster if they're only buffing one person. Try this : Target the person you want to buff before you start the macro. 1./useskill Might 2.Shield 3.Haste 4.Focus 5./attack 6. Death Whisper 7. Bless The Body 8. Wind Walk 9. Counter Crit 10. Magic Barrier 11. /target name 12. /delay 500 Change out the buffs if you're a mage. Just drag them from your skill window into the macro. This way you don't
  2. Update looks good! A couple recommendations that I think a vast majority of the community would like see 1. Allow the ability to show debuffs on Mobs/Raid Bosses again. This gives everyone a better opportunity of understanding what does and doesn't land and when to cast again. 2. Possibly consider increasing adena rate in higher end areas. This will allow the economy to improve as well. 3. Open up another castle to be seiged. With there only being one, it leaves those that may be less geared to not attempt at all and ruins live pvp action,which this game IS based on.
  3. Top-grade Stable Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-grade) - Exchangeable When enchanted, P. Atk. +5 for S-grade one-handed swords/blunts, daggers, spears, and other weapons. P. Atk. +6 for two-handed swords/blunts, dualswords, and two-handed fist weapons. P. Atk. +10 for bows. M. Atk. +4 for all weapons. Starting at +4, P. Atk./M. Atk. bonus quadruples. Starting at +17, P. Atk. +43 for one-handed swords, one-handed blunts, daggers, spears, and other weapons. P. Atk. +77 for two-handed swords/blunts, dualswords, and two-handed fist weapons. P. Atk. +126 for bows. M. Atk. +43 for
  4. As of late it seems that some of the GM's are starting to take "some" advice in terms of stuff towards possible changes/events, etc. So I'd like to suggest something in an attempt to add more "content" to the game. I'm sure @Juji and @Hime could bring this up with the team and implement. I would like to see an Event that is purely based in a PvP Zone. Possibly in Fantasy Isle or some type of "Instance" . Where the drops/rewards would be great. Nothing like weapons, etc. But enchants, enchant stones, pots, buff scrolls, soulshot tickets . All stuff that can be used in game towards y
  5. That's always been like that. You need to click past that target/character and then use the skill. Just holding the skill won't do it unless you're substantially faster.
  6. Oh that way. Yeah I knew that part but tbh it doesn't make a huge difference. I'm 1 shotting mages/healers on dagger and I hold my own on Gladi. Mages/Archers have always been nc's fave class tho.
  7. Mages got nerfed or Warriors did? Your post is a bit unclear. And how do you think they are "nerfed"
  8. Noticeable Issues: 1. No 5th Bar (Could NOT find any such button "Turn On/Off Support Bar" 2. No Assist/Buff/Follow/Delay macro loop at all...which means your group will likely not attack the same mob, or buff you, or buff itself, or follow you....which made EVERYTHING better...AND now you'll spam all your stuff to run out of mana and die. 3. You can't see buffs/debuffs on your target window anymore. Why? Now we have to guess if our debuffs landed or not? This makes raids/pvp nearly impossible to properly prepare for. I like how the bars and interface look. The character
  9. They spawn randomly in small "ponds". From the port, if you go straight there will be some in the water there. Turn left and go over the first hill, right around there will be more "ponds". Some ponds will spawn 3-5. Some will have bigger spawns of 10-20+
  10. Anyone else having issues? Buddy of mine can't login to the Website or Launcher. Not banned either. ????
  11. All things I'm very aware of, so no my idea is not "terrible", it's a simple suggestion. Maybe the limited accounts thing is pushing it a bit much, so ya I get what you mean. I still stick to what I said that I think there needs to be a change. Will it happen? Very unlikely. But I think a large amount of us can agree its current state is a bit ****.
  12. That's my whole point. It's either gotta be the content of the game or other limiting factors. Allowing unlimited clients is a bit much, in my opinion. 3 was pretty good, I think! Again these are just my opinions but I think alot of choices made have done more harm than good. And maybe, just maybe if we all talk about it more and try to make sense of things they may change some stuff. Who knows! (likely wishful thinking though lol )
  13. lol! True, but usually in that case it's limited to IP address. I'm just giving examples to "force" people to party/make friends/clans. So that activity/community is higher/better.
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