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  1. warrior class nerfed

    I appreciate the effort @Juji
  2. warrior class nerfed

    That's always been like that. You need to click past that target/character and then use the skill. Just holding the skill won't do it unless you're substantially faster.
  3. black wild boar

    By Golem field. East of Obelisk.
  4. warrior class nerfed

    Oh that way. Yeah I knew that part but tbh it doesn't make a huge difference. I'm 1 shotting mages/healers on dagger and I hold my own on Gladi. Mages/Archers have always been nc's fave class tho.
  5. warrior class nerfed

    Mages got nerfed or Warriors did? Your post is a bit unclear. And how do you think they are "nerfed"
  6. Noticeable Issues: 1. No 5th Bar (Could NOT find any such button "Turn On/Off Support Bar" 2. No Assist/Buff/Follow/Delay macro loop at all...which means your group will likely not attack the same mob, or buff you, or buff itself, or follow you....which made EVERYTHING better...AND now you'll spam all your stuff to run out of mana and die. 3. You can't see buffs/debuffs on your target window anymore. Why? Now we have to guess if our debuffs landed or not? This makes raids/pvp nearly impossible to properly prepare for. I like how the bars and interface look. The character selection screen and a few other things..but these issues pretty much make or break a casual player that runs a party of their own. I dunno @Hime @Juji There might be something you guys missed or maybe got wrong. I just don't see how this benefits anyone. And yes I've read the other thread that says they've removed this stuff in other regions, but there HAS to be something you guys aren't seeing that they are doing. Because this makes zero sense.
  7. They spawn randomly in small "ponds". From the port, if you go straight there will be some in the water there. Turn left and go over the first hill, right around there will be more "ponds". Some ponds will spawn 3-5. Some will have bigger spawns of 10-20+
  8. Login Issues

    Anyone else having issues? Buddy of mine can't login to the Website or Launcher. Not banned either. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    All things I'm very aware of, so no my idea is not "terrible", it's a simple suggestion. Maybe the limited accounts thing is pushing it a bit much, so ya I get what you mean. I still stick to what I said that I think there needs to be a change. Will it happen? Very unlikely. But I think a large amount of us can agree its current state is a bit ****.
  10. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    That's my whole point. It's either gotta be the content of the game or other limiting factors. Allowing unlimited clients is a bit much, in my opinion. 3 was pretty good, I think! Again these are just my opinions but I think alot of choices made have done more harm than good. And maybe, just maybe if we all talk about it more and try to make sense of things they may change some stuff. Who knows! (likely wishful thinking though lol )
  11. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    lol! True, but usually in that case it's limited to IP address. I'm just giving examples to "force" people to party/make friends/clans. So that activity/community is higher/better.
  12. Lineage 2 : Unchained

    Yeah, I can agree there. Being able to play maybe 2 or 3 clients would be good! That's an interesting outlook on it! I mean for the most part I just play to play. I don't really want to spend $$$$$$ on this game anymore. But I'm sure plenty can agree that it's kind of crappy that unless you want to be competitive you almost HAVE to invest into stuff! Especially since farming adena/mats , crafting, drop rates are all super duper tough for the general population that doesn't "bot" and doesn't have time to sit in front of the computer for hours on end. *shrug*
  13. Likely going to get some blowback from this topic but I'm curious to know how many of you/us would play a server like this? No VIP System No Macro Looping 1 Client only (Monthly Sub $12.99 USD so NC still makes money) Events that are farm based only. No Ncoin purchasing to play L2casino (lol) L2 Store only consisting of maybe some cosmetic stuff , soulshots/hp pots and maybe something like a variety of mounts. I actually feel like this would be a good thing for many! I'm sure that they could just make 1 server like this and people can choose which way they want to go. What you guys think? I'm probably dreaming, but I'd be williing to bet that would bring back plenty of people.
  14. Tree Bug

    @Hime Not sure if it's supposed to happen, but the Trees are re-genning mobs HP when they're close by the Tree. Seems like a glitch or bug to me.
  15. February update patch notes???

    Why is everyone such a ******* whiner? He literally came on and gave you guys an answer. Considering maintenance is on Wednesdays, that's when updates get done and the notifications of those usually happen the day/night before , SOMETIMES the same morning. And also, February only has 2 more (3 if you count tomorrow) of them left. So it's likely going to be one of them since he said "soon" and the damn letter said late February. It boggles my mind at some of the complaints you guys throw out. SMFH.