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  1. After update

    just yesterday the exp boost that was applied was removed, you had 100% base and 100% vit boost both removed, plus the party boost. this is how the exp is normally
  2. lol so many salty, entitled kids. @Juji we dont need compensation, just fix it then laugh at all the pedulent little kids that cry about downtime, when all they do is macro anyway.

    incoherent rambling like this wont get anything fixed. ur not the only person that is having problems with ppl pking them. just res up and move on. ncsoft doesnt care to fix it, it it would have been done a year ago.
  4. Red Libra

    we just had one not very long ago. they shouldnt be an every 2 months event
  5. Aeore`s Blessed Resurrection Skill

    try looking at the rez skill in your skill window not whats on your bar? maybe was older skill n you have leveled it up?
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    i havent had any latency with attacks since auto hunt was disabled. no slow attacks or anything.
  7. removed in CLASSIC server, why in LIVE? and not address it? seems they are intentionally avoiding answering it here too.
  8. what about macro "turn on" option when right clicking?? nothing about it on patch notes.