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  1. Its not bug u need to wait a few sec's once u throw flag up to get clan skills up. The drums turn into sonatas which last longer when flag is up, but try to avoid doing ur drums because ur drums r actually better then the frenzy sonatas. And to answer ur question yes the domi can buff clan when flag is up out of party, and also if ur buffing different party's with flag and u throw up a ditty to that player/party that whole party gets that ditty but not clan.
  2. They r still working on them, so wait!!
  3. Yes, but it will probably be way worst then before.
  4. U Know this will probably never happen, because it will make alot of ppl quit because of the time differences on the server. A lot more ppl complaining about it then they have it now. And it would probably have ncsoft lose money on it, if u want pvp so bad go to Naia then.