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  1. Server Latency-Lag

    Its the server itself, it SUCKS for everyone. They refuse to fix it, OR are incapable of fixing it and don't care.. one of the two. It has been MONTHS of absolute trash where the weakest classes (Melee) are the ones that are truly getting the shaft.
  2. I have the prestige buff, point is the adena buff ONLY affect the DD/ person killing. So support.. doesn't get it and that buff does not affect anyone else in party.
  3. Please delete all classes

    Being an ISS is just as bad... its not just a Summoner thing.. its an every other class except Nuker and archer thing.
  4. PVP Changes

    If you think you don't have power over the developers in Korea as a player, I feel very sorry for your misconception. If we as a player base tomorrow stopped buying items, you are 100% wrong if you think they wouldn't make changes. The change I am talking about is a VERY simple one that could be written by a single dev in a day. Does it make it the correct one? No, but I don't believe the "Fix" here is to make more stuff you can buy in a cash shop. Would it help? Maybe, if there was an Item that capped pvp damage at 20k except for debuffs or whatever we as a player base decide might work? SURE I'm down with that...as long as it wasn't a .0008% chance of getting it in a gambling box. People shouted about the PK issues and wanted Live like classic.. and low and behold.. here it comes. We as a player base should not settle for what we THINK they can/will or can't/won't do, we should push what changes we want, would like to see and hope those changes are heard. It is ALWAYS a no until you ask or throw a big enough fit. This event alone made hundred of thousands of dollars.. don't discount that money being gone one day because they refuse to listen and we all stand up as a group and say no more. I understand what you're saying, I really do, but it doesn't mean we have to accept it.
  5. Lineage2: Broken System??!!

    Oh see, I disagree, I think people have every right to ask for changes in a game they 100% support and keep in business. Doesn't mean all changes need to be implemented or listen to. But when the player base is 100% of what keeps you in business? Yes, we as players have every right to be unhappy with 1. The state of the game and 2. The direction of the future. Lots of things are free yes, but look at the cost of the things that just came out. The new SA? lvl 6 100 billion. That's almost 1000$ for a single item, come on.. that's insane and stupid and should not have any place in a "Game". yes you have a "chance" of making one yourself, but that chance costs money. And its a HUGE GAMBLE. And as anyone that has played L2 for any length of time knows.. In L2... the House.. ALWAYS WINS .. the chance rates are garbage, for a reason.. you'll spend more money. No one should be happy about that part of the "game"
  6. Shilen sa test

    No Offense, but from a cyber security standpoint.. following ANY link that ends in .RU is asking for trouble.
  7. PVP Changes

    I'm here to try and affect change in hopes of making a more balanced PVP system that the entire server can enjoy, not just the top 5%. If you're happy with the current state of the game, great, stop commenting and bringing those down who aren't. These "Major Game Features" are also broken, and are new in comparison to the games age overall. Hence the thread trying to fix them. Dev's read these and the hope, is to start a conversation and have people come up with good ideas, not bash people and ask them why they play. If you have something constructive to share.. share it. If not.. then kindly keep your negativity to yourself as it doesn't help anything.
  8. Please delete all classes

    /Agree.. The entire game is skewed to top 5% of DD's It's why they nerfed stronghold.. those top DDs making too much money. When the rest of us just got screwed.
  9. PVP Changes

    ok, lets say they remove HP cap, whats max hp? 200k? 300k? Ok lets add in say.. max decrease in damage from bows... 80% I have a pdef as an SWS of around 75k, I have song of protection 80k, Song of archery, - 50% damage and more defensive - crit and crit damage you can shake a stick at.. My record.. for damage is over 2 million. So lets say I have 350k Hp and 100k Cp. I have 80% damage reduction against archer. The way NC soft does damage reduction isnt a true 100% damage reduction, if it were .. and you have 100% damage reduction.. it would be at 0. From what I can tell.. 100% damage reduction = 50% if you take 100% less damage it equates to half of what it originally was. So with that in mind (and if someone has more correct stats please tell me) lets just ASSUME 80% damage is really 80% less damage. If An archer crits for 2mil. an 80% reduction will be 1.6 mil. I'm still taking 400k in damage. WITH Song of archery up. that leaves me 50k.. I survived.. until their second skill shot that will drop me.. any time that song isn't up.. dead.. every time. Not to mention, what about the smaller clans? The people who dont have 10k to spend on new gear? the playing field needs to be brought back down to earth. Your suggestion enables NC soft to create 100 more items at a 2% chance to obtain through gambling.. err I mean loot boxes like this current event. Which I am honestly sick to death of.
  10. Hey Devs... come on.. 12 emails is what I have to send to class change. PLUS you just made an event that littered our inventories with absolute garbage. INCREASE THE DAMN WAREHOUSE SPACE.. holy crap.. why is this that hard? And don't you DARE add it into the damn cash shop. Increase our inventories for the love of God, this is ridiculous, this is a problem YOU caused with your 1.8 billion items you continue to flood us with.
  11. Lineage2: Broken System??!!

    I think the issue here, which I agree with is the availability of items. Rune stones, need to be an in game drop. Forgotten books, need to be an in game drop. You should not HAVE to pay for every little thing in game simply to advance basic fundamental skills of a character. Pay to win? Sure.. Pay for advantage? Ok... Pay to simple learn a skill is a joke. Anything that is an item IN game needs to be IN game, and not ONLY available in a cash shop. We used to farm what we needs.. Whole clans out trying to get drops to gear one person, much like TOI now. I'm fine with the Advanced rune stones being hard to get... at least they're attainable. All of the instance zones are also quickly being gobbled up by.. you guessed it.. MONEY paid zones.. oh you can have an hour for free.. want to go into a place that was free for 15 years? Well.. now it'll cost you money. I'm pretty sure we can all agree this is quickly becoming BS.
  12. https://imgur.com/UcJRzSZ Hello, My name is Gypsie Danger.. and I'm an Iss. I was in Strong Hold with Ishmila today in a Duo.... hoping to make what little adena is left in the game to make.. and we noticed a huge discrepancy in Adena. Apparently the Adena proc ONLY counts for the DD.. not the party. As a support class, the hits just KEEP ON COMING. Our damage is absolute trash (I've built my iss to solo.. I have lvl 30 forgotten skills, all DD equipment, god Jewels you name it.. and as expected... in comparison to other similarly geared dds.. I'm trash. So.. as an ISS, I can't make money myself, I get one shot in most mass PVP due to 1.5 million HP shots (Yes I have defensive equip), all crafting that you used to be able to do in game to make any money is gone.... and then Stronghold Adena was Nerfed, THEN... on top of all this.. SUPPORT DOESN'T GET AS MUCH ADENA IN PARTY? What the &#$% is wrong with you NC Soft? Just delete all support classes and have everyone be an Archer... get it over with.. this is turning into a bad joke. In the mean time.. FIX THIS SHI7
  13. PVP Changes

    I 100% agree with you, that's why I was trying to come up with something that would level the playing feild a bit. Should an ISS hit as hard as a Nuker? No... should an ISS be one shot all the time.. HELL NO. With this idea.. it caps the max damage, however, it also promotes support (more debuffs on target = DD hit harder) and heals. This makes the support classes relevant again. While still allowing all those DD's that spent 10k on their toons, to still do obscene damage, they just need debuffs on a target to do it. This also makes the (not being able to be debuffed skills) ultra important, as well as purge and the like.. further making support.. important and relevant again. NC soft has destroyed everything in this game except damage in favor of selling items that we all buy to keep up. I think its time to take our game back..and use our voices to have them make some changes. First and foremost.. lets try and make our game fun again, instead of some rat race s&*t show where its ONLY about who spent the most money.
  14. PVP Changes

    What relationship are you talking about? Remember in this model, debuffs stack and increase max damage. Not trying to discount what you're saying.. as I would LOVE to come up with something most players like. Just trying to understand what you're getting at.
  15. PVP Changes

    Yes.. it would... that is the exact point of having a class like a tank.. it is a TANK.. it is supposed to be hard to kill. This also enables with one on one battles to outlast full skill pops. Archers and mages still have a huge advantage as they are more mobile and faster.. so yes.. god forbid if it would require them to use tactics instead of just pew pew. Right now during swords.. Archers stand.. they don't move and just auto attack aoe and kill everything. its a joke... something needs to be done. Healers would be impossible to kill with this system however.. .which is why they need to 100% bring back mana burn. In regards to Nukers having a bazillion hp with mana shield.. what are they going to do without mana? nothing..