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  1. Do you know what the chances are that you roll a die and NOT get a 6 out of 50 rolls? It's astronomical... as in, .0166% chance of that happening yet.. it happens in this game.. ALL THE TIME. If you'd like to know the specifics look up mean sampling distribution and standard error for statistics along with simple die probability. They refuse to post the rates for the NA server.. there is a reason. Because if they did.. we could simply show equations that prove they lie about rates. They're screwing their customers and we can't sue them if they don't post the rates.... NA is the most expensive
  2. New levels of skills need to be added to the game as well as fixing land rate for the debuffs.... and HAVE needed to be added for about 2 years. The only support class that debuffs land are the dominator while the rest of the ISS skills are worthless. They are AWESOME classes and would completely change the absolute trash one shot 5 million damage meta we have going on right now. Fix Song of silence, fix petrify, fix root, fix fear, fix shield stun. For the love of Christ stop making new damage gear and actually pay attention to the game mechanics FOR ONCE. Oh.. and summoners / summons are an
  3. *in the very large bathtub just outside of Hein* .... You've meddled in my affairs for the last time... pssshhh, bang, pow... Noooooooo... I'll get you.. no you won't.. Take THAT... bang, boom.. baaauuuuuggghhhh.. nooooooooo
  4. This is why I changed my main class form ISS. NC Soft seems to be more interested in creating items to make money, instead of making sure the game mechanics actually work. Song of silence hasn't landed in YEARS. Root, NEVER at least petrify has a .0005% chance at landing. Skill land rates need to be adjusted in a BIG BIG way. There isnt any reason to play any other class than a DD and just do straight damage, and that makes the game suck.
  5. 1. Seattle 2. no 3. CONSTANT, you fixed it... then you brought servers down to "optimize" and Now the melee lag is just as bad as it ever was. 4. Everything, it doesn't matter, Slow targeting and switching, SUPER slow attack in comparison to Wednesday after the migration. Unplayable. Now that we have had a taste of what it is SUPPOSED to be like.. this regression in less than 3 days it totally unacceptable. whatever your optimization settings you did broke it AGAIN. For a company that specializes in "Massive online gaming", this is a bleep poor joke.
  6. Maestro summon as well are useless. The summons in game need to be allowed to level.. it shamefull all our summons are frigging blue to us and literally have zero use, yet the classes are entirely built around them.
  7. Extra week is the LEAST they could do... server lag is absolute shit and they reduced the amount of people able to log it... connection is trash...
  8. @Juji Support constantly pushes us to Forums as "They aren't developers" and "can't do anything". So here we are on the forums..... it's pretty obvious people want posted success rates... WE AREN'T ASKING FOR ANYTHING OTHER SERVERS DON'T ALREADY HAVE!!!! Where is your comment? Where is the discussion on the topic with developers or even an acknowledgement of the problem? Oh wait, were nothing but a cash cow and you give zero shits about your player base... SORRY My bad, must have mistaken L2 support for another MMO, like nearly any of them at this point.. it can't get worse for support th
  9. UPDATE: NC Soft has now turned off my support and no longer replies to any ticket I place. The point of this post isn't about "Nova" it's about the GAME being fair... EVERYONE being able to say "hey... is a 3% chance worth 500$?" Lets be honest... the prices here are absurd and we, at the VERY least,..... ALL OF US, regardless of clan, deserve to know the REAL chances of something. When you have something that says... you are going to get either A or B and there is an EQUAL chance at both... that should NEVER mean less than 50%. No one here needs to posture or say go play som
  10. I have recently Made 7 Attempts to craft a paagrio earring. Here is what the "chance" is according to NC Soft As you can see the chance above shows the SAME description for each.. if the probability is the same the success rate should be 50%. I tested this theory and attempted 7 crafts, all failed. To give you an idea of the probability of 7 fails in a row when the chance is 50% it would be. 1 /128 or 0.78% Try flipping a coin and getting it to land on tails 7 times in a row.. good luck, but NC soft would try and have us believe that THAT is representative of the above. When I
  11. you are confusing "skills" with melee attack. The issue is with just regular old attacking. Such as with Dual weapons, fists etc. NOW it is down to simply attacking with and melee weapon. The swing speed or attack speed is the issue. A year ago with fists you could make somewhere around 4-6 attacks per second, that is down to about 2 now.
  12. Gambling in this format is ILLEGAL, but thanks.. they have to be 1. Commissioned with a license and 2. PUBLISH WIN RATES. 3. Have an independent 3rd party ensure they are not screwing people with win rates. NONE of which is happening. So yes.. you're right.. never gamble with money you cant afford to lose. But NC Soft West "gambling" is the equivalent to playing the rigged shell game and the only one that knows the odds is them. Again..
  13. 1 God bottle for 100 chests is insane..... Mass petition this event, they fix things and roll them back when we mass petition... we need to learn to use this as a weapon to fight against things liek this when then screw us over.
  14. And here lies the problem with the game.. people like you say QQ and do nothing and let NC Soft treat you like trash... enjoy being the battered person.. oh no it's ok if NC soft beats me.. I deserved it.. no no.. I fell that's it...
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