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  1. Lmao now the title looks like something a Korean would type.
  2. "Enjoy" what? There's nothing to enjoy here. I said that I would never buy a single NC coin again if they didn't fix the cake event and I will keep my word, because devs clearly don't care, but at this point I'm just getting fed up with the game altogether. I've been barely logging for 1-2 hours during the evening in the past two weeks just for clan duty, but now I just don't feel like logging at all anymore. Is it really worth playing a game where devs have no interest in listening to the community complaints, when it's 2019 and there are so many other games to choose from?
  3. Make quest mobs spawn randomly at a certain chance while hunting, or just spawn those mobs twice a day in certain locations for a limited time. There were so many possible solutions to this and you chose the laziest one, which makes nobody happy. I honestly don't know how you can keep messing up like this. It feels like you and the dev team especially are completely disconnected from the community.
  4. Pk chaotic players.

    I'll say it here as well: get the Blessing of Protection from Gatekeeper. It lasts 2 hours, when it runs off you go back to town and refresh it, so you can keep macro exping without having to worry about the 7x lvl pk. Just remember to not flag or attack any player or the buff runs off.
  5. Using such language outside 4chan will just make you look like a tool. But yeah, same situation in Giran. Only alternative is to get the blessing of protection from gatekeeper and go refresh it every 2 hours.
  6. Any answer about Fioti?

    I wonder about that. It's been five days since Juji supposedly sent the request to the devs, and no response yet?
  7. Glad that you listened to the community for once. Hope the dev team can solve the issue, we really don't care about top rewards considering that botters use exploits to win anyway.
  8. Of course they read our comments, they just don't know how to reply / don't care.
  9. The way they're handling this issue, by giving a meager 50% exp boost and two frigging rice cakes a day to make up for the amazing rewards we were getting, shows how disconnected they are from the community and how little they care for their customers. I wonder if they're actually even reading all the negative comments or if they had already predicted them and decided that they don't care. VIP 3 here, I don't think I'm going to purchase a single NC coin ever again.
  10. Yesterday I made a new account so I could use the free no grade duals to spoil some basic mats easily, but between yesterday and today I didn't drop a single Oriana Coin while farming in starting zones. Last Sunday I also made a new character and I was dropping lots of Oriana Coins instead, while farming in the same zones as yesterday and today. How come? Did OC drop get nerfed in low level zones, or is my new character "bugged"? Don't tell me it depends on server population, since population on Sunday is certainly higher than during the afternoon of a work day.
  11. Are the pendants going to be removed from the store next week?
  12. I see Vitality being mentioned in the Attendance rewards. Does that mean you're introducing the Vitality system in Classic as well? Edit- nevermind I'm blind, the list was for the normal server.