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  1. Need some HELP/IDEAS

    Hellbound monsters are lvl 99 and you are 107 (mobs should be light blue). That means you get significant exp sp and drop reduction. For better results try a place where mobs are at least light green (lvl 102, enchanted valley). Although I assume 107 player should know this. Othell with the items you mentioned should be able to farm EV without trouble, so since problems are not due to equipment I can only guess, that it could be: a)You don't know how to use the new macro after Fafurion update; b)You haven't lvled some very important masteries at all (superior dagger or dual dagger, depending what you use, superior critical mastery...); c)You are not in a clan and don't receive clan advent buff (although with your equipment this shouldn't be an issue, but might help); d)Something else;
  2. Hi, I was wondering how to make hair accessory with effects of two pendants? I've seen those in AH, but haven't found info on how to make one. Anyone can guide my through the proccess?
  3. Reseting dual class

    So in my case my dual class would have basic stats of orc mystic? I double cheked and that seems to be correct. I thought you get the stats of your main class regardless if it's fighter or mystic (even if you main is fighter your dual would get fighter stats even if it is mystic). Kinda was banking on having summoner with fighter stats.
  4. Reseting dual class

    Hello everyone, I've tried reseting my dual class and this is what happened. My previous dual class was othell ghost hunter. It had basic stats of my main (orc fighter). I reseted my dual class through npc to elemental summoner and now my dual class has basic stats of elemental summoner, rather than my main. Is this expected behaviour? Also, neither my revelations skills, nor my ability points of Othell Ghost Hunter reseted. Should this be this way?