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  1. Oh my sweet summer child, you're in a train of pain if this is your very first time playing L2. I suggest you make a new character, a tyrant or destroyer because you won't afford to level an archer as a first character here. They are very expensive to farm with. This is not a "here, have all this essential gear for free!" type of game, you'll have to grind for it with blood sweat and tears mate and maybe when you'll get to lvl61+ and new event comes you'll get lucky.
  2. Hi, it's a on-hit chance which is really low. I can say so because I have aquamarine lvl4 and it procs ~3 times more often, even when my aquamarine was lvl3 (4% chance) it proc'ed ~2 times more often, so I would say chance is ~2% for Anakim lvl6 which is really really bad and not worth the money investment IMHO. If I knew I wouldn't have risked ~70kk to make it lvl6.
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding the difference between the old Agathion bracelet lvl.4 (1 Agathion's main slot and 3 Agathion's side slot activated when equipped. STR/INT/CON/MEN +1. MEN Attack/Stun/Sleep/Paralysis Resistance +5%.) and the new one from L coin store (When equipped, opens up 4 Agathion slots, STR/INT/CON/MEN/DEX/WIT +1, MEN/Stun/Sleep/Paralysis Resistance +5%.). So, what does it mean on the old one "main slot"? Can I only get bonus from one p2w agathion equipped at a time on old bracelet and from all on a new one? Some of these item descriptions are just too confusing. C
  4. KEKW is the 1st thing that pops in my head when I read stuff like this. I just sometimes wonder why "real players" like you even bother playing MMORPG like this, in a global server, no lifeing, boting, RMT'ing AND then insult other casual players for "sucking at game"? Just go make your own illegal server where you could just get anything you want instantly and you won't need 20 h/day to think how to farm every RB, what's the most efficient farm spot/party etc. etc. cuz that's what this game is all about right now, right? AFK farm 5 parties, PK anyone in "your spot", maybe go CS for 1h on week
  5. Ok, I think the time has come for me to move on Tier 7 200% drop boost!!!!! OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! Too bad most popular farm zones have empty/near empty drop tables... And the places that do have drops will be swarmed even more with RMT'ers bots. And now that PK's don't drop anything you can only wait and see how those PK ponies will be geared up.
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