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  1. 1. Germany 2.LIght elf Lerry was my first char sitting now in Giran sell stuff Yul moonlight sentinel. Now my main is Light Elf name Arscher Yul Ghost Sentinel 3. Kain 4. 107 61 % 5. 3 Times one time was long
  2. It would be nice to put Pick Up for range classes in this update
  3. if its in clan yes but since they decreased the number of clan members you dont have space for iss box....
  4. Its not for 7 ppl facking bot party its to buff out of party to use drop rate rune smart. who wants to play on 7 acc
  5. Guys make Iss Dominator back to a Ally buffer this class is used to be ally buffer and you canceled this function regards
  6. A pick up system for Range classes would be nice.Maby you can make Auto Pick up like Adena for all items except in Raids
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