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  1. @Juji Would you be so kind to test the reflect damage from Sigel Hell Knight passives? If it is working as intended, please delete the class from the game.
  2. Please @Juji can you fix the bug where when Manner Mode is on, your party members won't target mobs being aggroed by, let's say, a tanker or an Iss following you. It is unusable as of now.
  3. Works perfectly! Congratulations mate.
  4. Now, imagine if Divekio or any other Whale couldn't log in... they would be mobilized, working non stop to fix it! Since it is us, mostly europeans and south americans, they don't even bother... those guys have paid their salaries for thenext 20 years only in this last "event". Awesome, so much greedy from both sides and no one wants to press buttons anymore.
  5. Be careful! They gonna suspend you for saying the truth! Btw it is over 10 days now
  6. Are we going to be able to log in in January?! Why do you make "events" if ppl can't even log in to the game?
  7. Here we go again! ROFL Why do I even bother buying Prestige Pack?! I can't even use it
  8. As the title says: WTB +10 Heavy Bloody Set Mail me or PM ig for further discussion, ty
  9. Had to change from "Best Server" to a "fixed" one!
  10. it won't allow me to open the game, but I can browse the web tho... strange
  11. Make it rain tickets guys! Let's see if they are really working... Divekio has paid so much this event, they won't even bother to fix the server anymore!
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