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  1. New player to Iss selection

    Next libra im gonna try on sd
  2. New player to Iss selection

    Playig live. Prophet has best dps when pom casted on self with glaring on.
  3. New player to Iss selection

    Untill pom is auto... spectral is probably best solo class for macroing on iss.
  4. 2 Archers vs. 6 Archers

    Repeated porting in over and over is good tactic then?
  5. https://youtu.be/-5Cnu3AwJIU
  6. Autonext target will revert back to the previous target if the player presses next target or selects a new target. The player press should allow the macro to continue operation on the manually changed target.
  7. Autoloop macros & pickup

    No. Just live pickup unless u can pull mobs to you with tank or tyr
  8. Pom for self on heiro. Resonant halo as well. Bd gets self br auto as well as sword waltz on auto so what gives.
  9. AP Help

    Ahh k cool. Tomorrow i will help
  10. AP Help

    You on chronos?
  11. AP Help

    Well. I guess that depends on gear. Here you see me hitting mobs on average for about 40k with regular p criticals. If i had a skill crit dmg setup. I would be doing 200k dmg i suspect with skill crits which on iss is better for multiple target pve. Hoever. That is not macroable as ypu lose the aoe buff after 1 hour and it is not toggleable. Nor is pom sadly which is a huge huge thing on prophet when soloing. https://youtu.be/P-LStWJV_es
  12. AP Help

    I switch mine daily.
  13. AP Help

    Pvp - knights tree emphasis on hp. Pve- warrior tree patk and pcrit or skill crit dmg Skill reuse on either tree.
  14. Enchanter xp