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  1. That was fun
  2. Zureil in denial

  3. Zureil in denial

    Yeah during oly hes just gonna switch class... but okay ill humor you https://ibb.co/ioVPwy
  4. Zureil in denial

  5. Conguero, Neutron

    lol, look at you go... "im gonna sue" "the game wont survive without my contribution" "im gonna quit" -what a toddler
  6. You stated a dragon wep is 5k. Current market costs of claws alone are 1 trillion adena for 50 claws if you can even find them. Meaning you would be approaching 1.5 to 2 trillion to craft it to stg 1 at current market pricing dependant on how much (or if you) buy a fragment. Thats 10 to 15 thousand. Hopefully an event comes out to destroy this rediculous monopoly, because it is not possible for other players to even attempt to make it due to 10 or so ppl are holding all of the claws. Normal farming of claws would take more than 8 months considering you got every dragon and kept them all yourself.
  7. I am a 105 Heirophant. Solo xp is cancer.
  8. Lol dont join this clan.
  9. Dragon Claws

    looking to buy dragon claws, message me. thanks!
  10. wtb dragon claws

    wtb dragon claws message me
  11. wtb dragon claws

    WTB dragon claws, send message.
  12. when the last time you saw a player run by lol
  13. you're on Freya, so cool too obviously