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  1. each action has a consequence..... canceled my prestige pack today.... thx for xp event. what can i say anymore, its just a waste of breath!!! if you want protest cancel prestige and dont buy l2 store... but nothing will change!!!! the people who invest will invest in game have gear and are not affected by most changes!!!!! ncsoft doesnt need a lot of people to play they need 500 people to pay. {pay doesnt mean the 500 euro ive put in this game to play!!!!!! THATS NOTHING!!!!!} this will be my last time i write something in comments no need to waste my time...... doent mean im quiting g
  2. yes stop complaining and do something about it. me personaly im boycotting buy anything for l2 store
  3. makes no difference to complain, what ever you post means nothing to ncsoft. as long there is people buying items from store! whatever event comes out will always not benefit everyone.. the game is a casino cash grab as a lot of people know all ready.... people will leave and come back to game that the way it is...... just boycott l2 store, i personally will not buy anything until they add the coin shop with all item for sale{jewels,star sign,etc} is added to game.... and the best would be for a lot of items would be dropped in game even if it a percentage of item....
  4. i so glad that i started my toon in core server!!!! 1 week left of xp eventxD
  5. thx hime for replying so vaguely... many concerns for chronos community is the Einshad shop will not be implemented into chronos ,like in other servers [korean/eu.core} as we told by a gm it wouldn't be added, thats the word through the grape vine....people are hoping this shop will drive down the prices of the server which to be realistic are insane at the moment...
  6. HI NCSOFT/WEST would like to propose an idea about the greedy treasure chests if you are thinking implemnenting add in them again... my suggestion would be a greedy chest spawn to the party or solo that was killing the mobs in the area. no one else can see the chest accept the party/solo that where kill the mobs... so that will uliminate bots..... also maybe a chest for lower areas ....
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