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  1. Server Down

    thx Juji
  2. How do you like the new PK system?

    @Felinty Great idea about Red toons losing attack abilities.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    I have been playing Lineage 2 when it was subscription based back in 2004 Chronicle 1... I quit at C5 and came back when it was Goddess of Destruction... No, I'm not working for them .... I'm an old gamer who have seen how this game has developed over the years and I would hate to see L2 fry like COH.. I'm just tired to see people complain day-in n day-out about everything in the F2P version of this game ...thats all .... be supportive and BE NICE
  4. Hi Devs! I would like to suggest that we can skin over Legendary cloaks with Clan cloaks.. This way, no one will know what cloak you are using and you get to show off your 'wonderfully-designed' Clan cloaks
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    @Juji @Hime I think you guys are doing a great job .. please keep it up To the community, Please understand the complexities of keeping a 14 year old MMO running and playable.. Accept that its a job YOU cant do...so do not expect miracles and perfection to happen on the first run... there will be problems..there will be issues... Try your best not to complain too much and be thankful this vintage game is still running from the contribution of the 'PAYING' players.. NC Korea owns this game ... there is a process of escalation from the NA guys and lead time for the DEVS to implement changes and test for impact .. So, FFS ... Stop complaining so hard... Keep the game alive by being POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE .. else STFU!
  6. @Juji @Hime You guys are awesome! Thanks for the communication and the tough work you guys are doing at the back ground! Much appreciated!

    You dont want to be banned in this game? Easy.. DONT EVER RUN BOTTING APP ON YOUR PC!! They can find traces of modified code and they ban yr ass for that ... and thats a fact.. Regardless if u didnt bot ... if u play on the same PC which you have installed a botting app ... be ready to be found out and banned. To overcome this .. uninstall yr L2 game .. and do a CLEAN REINSTALL and dont ever run bot apps on it ever again
  8. So I have been wondering...

    I think u need to 'do whatever it takes' to enjoy an old game like Lineage2. You have to make decisions and stand by the consequences of those decisions. I started playing Lineage 2 back in Bartz Server 2004. Fell in-love with the game and some home comes back to this familiar place of Aden. There are harsh realities of this game and like life, not everything will go your way no matter how much you wished it would be. You might always wanted a Lamborghini Huracan to drive from town to town but in reality you can only afford to take the bus or walk from town to town. You cant friggin cry to the government/Dev/town mayor of your problems... They will only tell you to suck it up and do what you are able to do. So, in this game, you decide if you want to live in Aden and do what you can to live and enjoy the 1 ~ 2 hours that you have to play before your wife/GF/RaidBoss gets aggro on you. PS: I'm playing on Live server, with the same toon I had in 2004, I tried Classics...and all the bad memories came rushing back... XP penalty at death, shitty drops, scammers, farmers and I tell myself ... Im not going back there .. I'll stick by Live. Maybe I'll try Classics again...when I learnt to take real pain and be a zombie
  9. Live server worth starting on?

    Just look for a good clan n talk to random people.. You will bound to meet some kind folks who are genuine about helping. Personally, It was a shock for me when i returned to L2 after quitting in 2007. The game I remembered since 2004 is very different now. However having said that, they have made many improvements and in some ways streamlined a lot of the gameplay. Sure there will be many complaints about the game. Just remember that no game is perfect, learning and discovering L2 all over again is part of the fun. Again, look for clans who are helpful with folks who can play at about your time... learn the many shortcuts in the game... Play at your own pace with realistic expectations and rediscover L2
  10. Please Welcome Our Moderation Team!

    Welcome to our family guys!!
  11. OMG! Great stuff @Juji !!! Thanks for the great background story that is the essence of Lineage 2. @Ec49 Thanks for bringing this up ..cant wait to explore legacy.lineage2.com when its reinstated
  12. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

    L2 players are definitely good at one thing ... ...... COMPLAIN...
  13. Subclass Suitcase

    I wud usually email out to my alt ..then retreive it back when i changed back..thats 1 way around this .. But yours is a good idea too but I bet NC will make us pay for that .. lol
  14. An Event that will encourage ppl to explore Aden

    We hav to change that .. make ppl explore rather than being lazy and complain.. u want good stuff? u either pay or explore and get lucky
  15. A suggestion: Consider making an even where players are encouraged to explore all over Aden/Magmeld etc in search of precious items. This way we can rediscover the beauty of this MMO.. all the long forgotten places, the old and the new areas. Have a board or NPC in towns where rumours about precious things are revealed which will encourage solo or groups of ppl toset out and gain adenas/items. There is so much untapped potential in this game...seriously.