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  1. I read it and thought that's it, server gone to hell... what¡s the point of graded weapons? And they even show an example of a lvl 20 character with A grade weapon, seriously? Screw possible newcommers by having older players able to make new chars with their top weapons, empower bots that little bit more (or do they get special permission to use Merrow from level 20 too?) Can someone please tell me what's so "classic" about Classic?
  2. Hi!! Is there a way to buy the transformation, sans XP/SP increase to have for your use after the event, much like the Halloween event outfit was available to buy? If not, could it be implemented?
  3. I was fine until late last night... Ever since then, just constant "The client will be closed" I must say however, I do love the way everyone from NCSoft is mushrooming us!!
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