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  1. Propaganda

    Maybe you guys should pay some public place to stream L2 Oly at fridays and saturdays. Sieges on Sundays.. Would be nice to drink, hear a nice music and watch some l2 on a big screen.
  2. Joining a Clan \ CP

    Hello there! It's not personal for sure, the problem with your application is simple: they never check that in-game system. The easiest way to join a clan is to pm the clan leader or maybe any clan member and ask the way to join. Most of them just make a simple interview and ask who are you (new or old player, alt or main, etc) and why you wanna join. Others has some level and/or gear min requeriment to join. This because if you are in a different level or gear of other members you will not be able to do stuffs together. Finally, there's some clan that has a private forums and ask you to make an apply post. Cheers
  3. I know that no one cares about iVirtual but since he record videos and call him self as a "good guy" it's time to think better about him. He just lead an Barlok pt. Right after we killed Barlok he disband the pt and no one was able to pick the drops. He said that he was outside the instance and he don't have chance to pickup the drops, but no one realize that. He even asked to group to wait everyone be inside to pickup drops witch is usual and everyone respect. So the message here is: Don't PT with iVirtual anymore. Regards,
  4. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

    GM are AFK new event fishing. Please do not disturb !