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  1. @Juji @Hime As title says, there is melee attack LAG on tyrrs/evi's/summoners. Also there was a MASS dc at around 19:35 gmt+3. Please do something and fix it! Thanks for your time!
  2. @Juji @Hime Melee lag attack still remains. Its good only for 5-6 hours after restarts, after getting much worse. Three months, and still remains unsolved without any little progress (to better)
  3. Hello, What's your plans for a new player to enchant his skills?? I will give you an example. Let's say that someone creates Tyrr Titan. He has 30(!) skills to enchant up to +10 only. Not more. Let's say that he enchants up to +6 with normal and up to +10 with mastery! Not 100% chance so up to +6 he needs 12 normal scrolls (at best case) and 8 masteries. With current prices: SGCPrice 20kk * 12 = 240kk, SGCMPrice 160kk * 8 = 1280kk Total Price: 1520kk, let's say 1.5b just for 1 skill! If you have 30 skills to enchant you will need 45billions to enchant all
  4. I would like to dedicate this song to NC team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GL9JoH4Sws Safety firstly, because of coronavirus!! But guys, at last, work work work and fix the server!!!
  5. @OutrangeouS Yes, i forgot summoners @LordDragnil In the start was weird, now I got used to it! It doesn't affect the gameplay, as the above things
  6. One hit every 2 seconds. And many more such as MP regeneration bug, which are needed to be fixed finally. Tyrrs and eviscarators will understand! Yuls for example also have problem on attacking, but not same as tyrrs/evis.
  7. @Ukah I have no lag, no disconnects. That is why you dont have to complain about anything. Because you don't have melee attack class
  8. As the title says, fix finally the server!! Tyrrs and evis are useless at this moment!! Almost three months and despite all the actions you took, still no solution!! Not even a bit better than before (machine upgrade, less mobs, etc..) Personally, I prefer NCteam to shut down the server for 2-3 weeks and WORK on it and find a REAL SOLUTION on it, rather than what is happening now. Thanks for your time!!
  9. Hello, @Juji @Hime Server needs restart now, once again. Take your actions. We dont know if you take a look on server or not. We are here to inform you what is going on, at any time. Server is very bad at the moment!
  10. Not only melee attack players. Also ranged attackers for example yul. There's delay on skills. Melee attack players are useless long time now! Very low attack speed, but hits from mobs have no lag. One hit every 2 seconds. @Juji @Hime Naia server needs restart every 24 hours!!!
  11. I lost completely Prestige Pack. I lost Exp Rune 200% for 7 days. You can check what i used in the past 30 days. GM Buffs for example would be a really bad idea as reward for lost weeks! On tyrr i could't even stand in Primeval when i made trains. Atk speed like 500. Damage from mobs remained the same as before. Stones were removed. Primeval mobs were reduced. Personally I'd prefer you guys to close the server for one or two weeks and do REAL and GOOD changes and at last fix the serious issues of the servers. I prefer this than the things you do now. Mobs were always there. This won't fix
  12. Really annoying!! We lose dps with that thing, this must be fixed really soon. Prestige running and not only that, also lost 7day exp rune 200%.-.-
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