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  1. God Accessory 

    7 trys and not even 1 high grade book u got from clan ? knowing that MAX farm free all dragons ? it seems always top and difficult items goes to the same ppl and i think all know wich 2 partys are, max.3. this is the claimed fair share that max ppl say they have when they want trashtalk others... my experience: x1 ring succes, x1 neck fail, no more trys atm
  2. MAX vs DH

    https://www.twitch.tv/ipr1nce77/video/466252886 2.38.00 the farm start
  3. MAX vs DH

    @SilverFish @VNDragon So all ur propaganda about how good u are and how powerfull ur clan is it, and today thx to @Pr1nce77 stream we was able to see for 2 hrs how Exe + Boborc cp TOTALLY FARM more than 5 pts from MAX at Baium + take drops of Orfen ? funny to see how 2 grps can keep on floor lllll grp, fuhu grp, prince77 grp, grinman grp, wetdarkness grp, loritempest grp etc. not all in game guys is tactic hide + full skills and expect kill all enemys in 1 aoe, sometime when u have gear like dragon bow lv3, u need to do a bit more... no matter what, it seems that ur clan w/o big OverNumber and YES OR YES peppino, are same as this number ---> 0 GZ and TY to give us a great show @eXEQtor cp and @KAROS cp
  4. Molensa vs Mage r110 full items and PK Renovation 24/7

    btw i see that now u also saying that kings cp use scripts xaxaxaxaxa usless no damage feoh
  5. Molensa vs Mage r110 full items and PK Renovation 24/7

    why need macros to target ppl when he was just pushing next target and targetting the ppl who was flag ? if u dont know, u can setup the next target to "pc" so u will avoid to target mobs...., for non flagged ppl he was clicking over them with the mouse this is the moment when u realice that this stupid comments or miss of knowledge comes from the owner of a dragon weapon..... , not all in this game is money to buy caster from iEvey to be a usless dd and not arrive even a bit the level of what was evey
  6. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    why he should wait to make a post ? if ur brain only have the option to start thinking on make trasnfer since the first second of trasnfers opens, then is ur problem, not of them
  7. Nerfed Exp

    for bow +12 with greater ruby, is still very very low
  8. Nerfed Exp

    ur dmg dont alow u to farm even on elven, what u expect ? be able to farm in fafurion temple ? ... the difficulty of new zones is okey, the exp is still very low
  9. DH are only Exeqtor and Boborc pt, they are the only ones who keep pvp activity every day Also MAX isnt so better of activity, more than 70% of the clan detag for exp and the principal grps like llll, fuuhouhou, morpheus are incomplete. Peppinio always go in random pt, mostly always with patriot
  10. CP lf players


    thx for ur honestly and share ur opinion
  12. After few months of merge, Max clan give up and take the decision of move to chronos ?! having a low activity and the lose (quit) of many strong players (something that in this game every day is more normal) -Wasnt Enought the caster lv3 of pepino (3 aoe weaps vs 2) -ALL the north/south American Cps from MAX detagged since first month of merge (before update) -players that supose to be storng pvp max players all the time are detagged killing RBs and never showing up on pvp -Many question from their own members about what happened with antharas dual blunt lv2 ? Antharas Fist lv1 ? this weapons will be lost on the time ? on chars from ppl who stop play since a lot months ago ? or just boxes ? -every siegue is worst and worst the result -During the week, there is only activity by part of llllll grp, realmayer grp, fotomoto grp and very few times from morpheus grp (DH are not so different on terms of activity during the week) REFRESH AND QUESTIONS: 1) It will turn the action again to chronos ? the few active cps from MAX will make a new clan with the really few grps of nova ? 2) With the new classic servers are impulsing more fast the dead of chronos and naia ? 3) Will be a merge of chronos and naia ? 4) Every month is more normal see that the biggests clans have only activity every siege 5) If there is a merge, this server will be avalible to keep an activity as Core are doing since long time ago with only 1 server ? 6) Is worth continue paying some dollars to a game that since long time ago are dying but now are very evident the fastest way in wich are dying ? 7) NC continue with the events ULTRA pay to win, in wich to make the new items need to spend at least more than 1,000 - 1,500 us ? 8) Is moment to quit and cash out before no1 want put a miserable buck on this game ? 9) 0 intentions by part of NC to fix bugs like loot rights of the RBs ? 10) 0 intentions by part of NC to change STUPID things like 6 days of random respawn of Big RBs ? 11) 0 Strategy by part of NC to bring new ppl to the game or at least keep their actual population (old servers) ? 12) NC just want to finish chronos and naia now that seems their future are the classic servers ? 13) Classic Servers are only hype and in few months will die cuz the actions of NC ? 14) 0 Intentions of NC to make a bit more cheaper the game like in RU/EU servers in wich items like shirts or brooch jewels are always at l2 store the whole year and for a lower price ? and in wich u can buy directly the exact item/jewel that u want ? w/O stupid randomly ?! 15) all know that Juji back, but there is any change ? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to write ur opinions respect actual situation of MAX clan Feel free to write ur opinions/answers to the 15 items, wiritng the acording number this is not a post with drama purpose, is to collect what the ppl think about THE ACTUAL SITUATION OF THE GAME, SERVERS, EVENTS, ACTIVITY
  13. They're back!

    the only difference between lv1 and lv2 are 500 p.atk and u talk like if truffle only get kills when he have brooch br :))))))))))) maybe Happi dont have x4 jewels lv6 or more, but he have greater jewels, like ruby and in olys, almost all MAX have greater jewels borrowed, so almost all MAX at olys have brooch br, vs a ertheia with only ruby lv5..... shame on he. so again, why happi cant do something closer to truffle ? why VN cant do something closer to zuriel ? i know always will be a pathetic excuse
  14. They're back!

    u mean llllll get all the kills cuz all MAX clan are assisting him ? or at least his most geared dds like RealMayer/LordSpoyl/IQ ? ...................... this rememer me Zr times.... 1 thing is focus priority targets, other thing is perma assist. perma assist now is almost imposible or maybe that expain the stranger flash target/tokens of lllllllllll The things that u say dont have any sense and conection with waht i say. and when i wrote "happi was the ertheia with antharas fist. probably no1 know him, seems all QQ about Truffle and his broken class but other ppl with his same class, and almost same gear, cant do the same that truffle was doing when he was with lv2 fist antharas. HERE are my point, why happi cant do something close as Truffle ? why VNdragon cant do something close as Zuriel ? Why if lllllllllllll or peppino die, all the rest of partys over gearred from MAX, with Brooch Brs cant get kills at least when they are on full skills ? u just need check olys, and see how ppl like happi lose vs erthiea with half of the gear that he have about what u say about f2pr, even when he was at aden, are soo many blue letters from ppl like Missula, just check the video that omen repost here, or check f2pr new video seems u are totally wrong or maybe u just hate too much DH delete f2pr, delete exe, delete lllllll, delete pepino, and put a clan vs clan, u will see the same result but yes omen, u can continue doing more propaganda as always here, even more after see the last video of Falcon :DDDDDDDDD u guys do a GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! and repeat again and again on ur mind, ur clan do a great job ___________________________________________ the ppl like omen can cry, can do all, but 1 thing is true, MAX with pepino must taked aden or at least rune + giran 3 days ago. now cheking the results, i dont know what MAX need to give the results acording with the things that they have...
  15. They're back!

    Look MAX streams or videos, 95% of their kills are from llllllUllllll/peppino , when they die, u can only see red letters for max and most of their partys just make bsoe...... , now check DH streams or videos and check, probably exe + f2pr make 50-60% of the blue letters on siegue from 50-60% to 90-95% are a big difference look this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14NPrG5wr7o , this pt only get few kills when the DH pts was going strictly direct to interrupt casting. when the casters was dead etc, u see how the DH stay to fight on the way and Falcon just cut the frap