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  1. then dears gms, remove the option of pk some1 cuz for this guy is against rules and also make a perma celestial for the ppl who buy boost from l2store, to dont get interrupted of this boost, so perma celetial for exp runes costumers, vita potions, also Dandy and valiant scrolls who are also boost and cant get interrupted u just are an einstein dude!
  2. break rules of conduct for pk some1 ? go play another game dude, u are loosing ur time here... and im saying U pk some1, not make pk the guy who is on macro to kill him and get his gear, too many words and even didnt know read
  3. why u need this if ur participation in pvp is 0 ? since 2014 on naia i remember u always sit on town selling/buying items and shouting lf a more OE shield, so why u need this ? to tank better the mobs ? u dont leave peace zone, dont participate in the few pvps on dragons when nova go, no olys, so ?
  4. as aizen say, is right, max have more items than Dh but Dh more strategy and as also dudot say, all hope will be a loong war, and not a 6 months war.... lets see what will do lllll CP and Realmayer cp who are the more strongest cp, maybe also IQ CP, this 3 cps will the grps who will have more starring role in this fight. on last dim i see realmayer cp fighting vs boborc + soultoka and other guys, was a nice pvp, lets hope this war will give us some surprises and nice fights
  5. at least use a bit of google translate dude.... take more time to the ppl try to understand what u are trying to say than the pvps that will be on naia
  6. relax, they leave naia searching action and the only time that fotomoto squad leave CH is when MS is on Dim server. oh i forget "we will not meet on dim cuz are too late for me and my guys" (c) Fotomoto. but seems is not too late to kill mobs in gainak. so u do well on stay in naia, just w8 for fun
  7. Almost every day are at least 2 ppls shouting that sell clan lv 11 with CH on Naia, but seems that as real life, the ppl preffer start cry before even give a check even on chronos u can find ppl who in the apst transfer to chronos and are selling clans with CH on naia.....
  8. then it seems that u like play on dead servers, go somewhere and find all free for u, dude, this is a pvp game, u want a spot ? pk those chars and take the spot (97% of the ppl making captives are in macro) GC will not be the only area full dude, for sure will be also GOS/AF/ELVEN, and this will be the fun, or for u is so interesting port to all the posibble places and didnt find any char doing something ? 85% of the L2 map is dead, w/o chars killing mobs, dont cry now cuz the top areas of higher level will have competition if u dont like this, u can go to a private server and for su
  9. U serious dude ? Go buy a brain for 2 min U cry about advantage and u are in the Dominant clan on Freya u are afraid about castles ? then fight and take one, or u want have aden w/o any competition like in freya ? no sir u are afraid about Clan Halls ? and all this time ur clan have a CH in floran Village..... now u will have chance to get a better CH u are afraid about Heros ? fight for it Freya Server will Merge INTO NAIA, freya was already dead when Naia still was with action (DH vs RS), and till now naia have more active players than freya, is too difficult to unde
  10. who one day run away from naia, now are coming back again lets hope in naia, nova will not continue be a clan every 15 days
  11. a bit greatfull saw this guy fithing, idk why after this, nova keep trashtalking
  12. its a good game, just can be better to keep the few players that have atm
  13. i think here are 2 situations 1) ofc nova are so excited to keep his castle, i think all ppl can understand it 2) but nova are proud ? really this is nova ? who need the help of some clans (with geared ppl no matter if are small clans) to keep a castle ? and trashtalk MS ? even when MS farm whole siegue nova ? now my 2 suggestions: 1) all this clans whoare helping nova, just join in nova ( will be less embarrasing ) 2) abd best for me and for server, all this clans, make a 3th side w/o ally with nova or ms, and keep a good fight between 3 clans now my 3 questions
  14. 4 steps 1) this sunday nova will lose aden. just ppl like dustapg already have the excuse 2) nova will try ( or probably not) for few time get back the castle 3) if they fail will say the same excuse that when they was at naia, "we just moving to other server to grp and fight against a zerg" 4) they will move to naia
  15. no one wants to join in a swamp and jerk off all day with ur cr4ppy cp and clan
  16. it seems MS + DH are too much for nova + max that they are trying harder break their ally even with fake accounts btw im nova and i say that max is a clan w/o fingers !!!! was a nice try ?
  17. is this guy "Fooz the same fooz from stronghold on bartz ? if is the same guy, jesus, u are the same fail, only that now have a better wallet
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