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  1. An angel cat buff WONT make up for this mistake. Tread very carefully.
  2. Interesting you got to that level and don't know how to make adena.
  3. I can't even find places to level, that I normally would go to because of all the bots. It's making me have to fight certain mobs which kills profit and other aspects of the game I would normally enjoy. To bad no cares. If they do they don't show it.
  4. Yet, you cry about people "crying" bots are the problem, even for people not buying adena! It's FACT not "crying" whining" complaining. Stop being delusional!
  5. The main problem is you will have a hard time finding an area that is not bot infested. So, you're going to have to get into a party that have stronger mobs than bots will not fight.
  6. I'd like to purchase +6 top d grade duals for 3kk. Mail Vangz in game.
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