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  1. 27 minutes ago, Eressiel said:

    Hello guys, can u give me some advice for location where i make profit adena/drop keys? i have  tyrant 49l (chain set + fisted blade) with WC 48 full buff learned. 

    Interesting you got to that level and don't know how  to make adena.


  2. 21 minutes ago, MiniPink said:

    Its so weird to see so many people blame in game and forums the bots. 95% of the bots are to farm Adena to sell on the market for real money($).
    So if they are so many it means someone is keep buying those adena and makes demand.
    You all blame an imaginary enemy when the real enemy of the game is its real players itself.
    Same story with ppl blaming EA for microtransactions and they made 1billion$ from micro only ifrom Fifa.
    You guys are a joke, you deserve the worst from companies and they treat you right. Dont cry

    Yet,  you cry about people "crying" bots are the problem, even for people not buying adena! It's FACT not "crying" whining" complaining. Stop being delusional!

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