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  1. Improving Eternal Armor with Elcyum

    Naia is US server

  3. Zodiac Cube Fragment

    Monsters in HB have a chance to drop according to monster data in the monster collection but i newer saw them. Is something that is not implemented in our verson?
  4. Flaged NPC

  5. Fishing - adena loss

    Hi. I spent 42kk adena and got so far: Ugly 720 Nimble 186 Power 15 Reddish box 27 79 bait left Im using the event fishing pole 🎣 and R102 bait
  6. New Launcher problem

    This is embarrassing the company in 15 evolved into a pile of steaming s... I'm sure they can't fix the ingame bugs if they can't get a launcher to work properly.
  7. unlock your skill bar
  8. Pve mage

    I made a similar thread a month ago and the general idea was that if u have a Enchanted Shadow weapon then go with the Aden cloack otherwise buy the 12 pve retri.
  9. Cant play

    U should contact support maybe they can help you 😂
  10. Clan leader

    How mutch is a lvl 10 clan in Naia ?
  11. @Draecke u had that perma red clan back in the day maybe time to revive it.
  12. system error 3746

    Similar thing happen to me i tried to log in and nordvpn was running in the background they baned my 6-year-old toon and i live in London and the server i was connected to was in london stil got banned.
  13. Naia DOWN

    Yeah it was fun 😀
  14. Weapon upgrade.

    I would like to thank everyone for the feedback! Most of you agree that Aden cloaks is the best option going forward so that's going to be my next item. Ty all
  15. Servers need merge

    Looks god to me.