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  1. They got kicked from Steam because of bots and did nothing probably same thing going to happen now.
  2. lol the guy burned 150+ enchants for nothing
  3. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    @Klaudia any new farming videos lately?
  4. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    skill reuse skill power evasion vanpiric rage
  5. I'm pretty sure that the GM,s can't log in game as they wish possibly they need som sort of go ahed from managment. Corean companies are known for micromanaging everything.
  6. R110 set for Tyrr Warriors ????

    light always
  7. what's going on with the prices?

    Those items are not really for sale 💰 they are used to manipulate the market, so they can sale the lower. walued items for more adena.
  8. We like to get scammed by NCsoft otherwise we will leave this mess behinde 🙂
  9. How is this The Letter Collect Event ?
  10. Sayha Ring

    With Dragon weapon works fine 🙂
  11. MAX VS DH ( Siege Protect rune )

    Macro triggers once 1 second not 50 times in 1 second and if u pay attention only triggers when the target have invincibility up.
  12. MAX VS DH ( Siege Protect rune )

    @Juji 3rd party soft in use aroun the 12:15 in the video i know is not evidence according to your rules but is getting ridiculous again with the programs. Great pvp GJ 😁
  13. Feoh Elemental Burst not working

    No delay required just put the 2 skills after each other.
  14. Unlimited MP in some areas

    Developers are trying to facilitate the players to xp easier only they forgot the fact that u need to sell a kidney to buy gear on NCwest. In our store we have similar prices to korea the only difference is that 10$ will get you 10k ncoin in korea .
  15. Feoh Elemental Burst not working

    u need to debuf mobs with Updraft destructin.