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  1. Yeah i have the same issue, i wrote to support they said to try with chrome . I tried Chrome Bravre internet explorer the old and the new still not working. Im waiting for their replay. Lmao they went from C+ to B+ nice
  2. U need to buy event items for ncoin and sell it for qdena and with that adena buy gear for yourself.
  3. These jewels are 5 year's old content its time to be cheaper. The player base is missing basic item and the situation is so bad the gave the mobs pve dmg herb drop an u are here trying to convince everyone that the lack of cheap items is a god thing!
  4. Hi these are the light sett stats. i think its worth it for the ring
  5. Well that 70kk m.atk = 6k dmg in Toi instance so not inof to farm there. Thats an old photo I'm 111 now more m.atk still can't farm there
  6. Go ther and make a post about your class and all the gear u have and then we can help you. Also the amount of adena you have or going to have. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/21-wizard/
  7. o% there is no method to gear up players by farming only by swiping u can get gear .
  8. The problem is devs have no direction what to do with the game they keep rising the lvl cap and ad new items butt 0 content . After 110 no skills no quest no nothing.
  9. Maybe he learnt his lesson.
  10. Have fun. https://youtu.be/VkmGh0jzttg
  11. lmao 1 day after the xp events end players complaining
  12. Get in to an active clan. The ones u find in the clan menu and u can join automatically are rubbish. Adena watch this video https://youtu.be/nGgMggzPRZ8
  13. No. Feoh crit rate is sat at 33% u can't increase it.
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