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  1. @mixa 4-th row pos 7 on skillbar that talisman is implemented on ncwest?

    This update is bad for all in general and lower geared players are hit harder. Before the update, u could kill Balok, Baylor,Octavis ,Istina, Tauti and the Shadow instance. Now with the "God " gear u got cant kill them. Only viable farm spot is Stronghold and to farm there u need 2T in gear and an archer rest of the classes are rubish. But ve got Dragon shirt and lvl 3 jewels so everything is fine. @Prophet
  3. Update 16.01

    Now its easier to lvl up than before what are u complaining about?
  4. WTS 2x +12 Pve Thrower

    Wts 2 Pve +12 throwes with garbage sa 300 element
  5. Fifth Hot Key Bar & Lineage 2 shop

    Now u can have 4 bars and an aditional wierd looking one not loke before the update
  6. Update 16.01

    what happened in this update that u can't play anymore?
  7. Brooch Jewels Pool

    - nah
  8. SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)

    juji said we don't get the dragon shirt. 👍
  9. SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)

    Not to many players have dragon shirt u might have to remove that requirement.
  10. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji so no Dragon shirts no Atlas rings no mysterious shots devs are running some experiment how mutch shit can ve take?
  11. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    on EU u need 3 stones
  12. Hypocrisy with fighter

    If u have equipment those skills are irrelevant archer can 2 hit mages no problem just watch som high-level oly games
  13. Hypocrisy with fighter

    1B worth of ls is 10 top grade ls only . Crit rate is useles on mages.
  14. Hypocrisy with fighter

    If u don't have equipment mages are OP. If u have mid gear or better mages are a nuisance not a real threat .
  15. Tyrr GK Setup

    That amount of adena won't make much of a difference in your dmg