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  1. 1389 Haunted Chest

    Maybe he learnt his lesson.
  2. Have fun. https://youtu.be/VkmGh0jzttg
  3. Exp

    lmao 1 day after the xp events end players complaining
  4. Newbie need help

    Get in to an active clan. The ones u find in the clan menu and u can join automatically are rubbish. Adena watch this video https://youtu.be/nGgMggzPRZ8
  5. Upgrades and more

    No. Feoh crit rate is sat at 33% u can't increase it.
  6. i live in Britain and that time is wrong in 30 minutes server going to stop and my local time will be 9:30 pm
  7. Coming here from classic.

    Go to youtube and search for Conanthecimerian and legendary andouille videos they play tyrr s with gear you can see how it goes
  8. Is this a typo??

    Is this a typo or someone figured its a good idea to give PVP dmg to noob weapons
  9. not available

    Naia prices
  10. Setting realistic goals!!

    Here is the link https://d3v.me.uk/l2/books/ Those numbers are for a f2p player realistically if I pay for Destiny pack and Prestige the the numbers are bigger. With my current gear on Storm I make 48t xp and 230kk adena on PI I make around 130kk adena and 8t xp ,stronghold 180 kk adena and 34t xp and in Iop I make around 5t xp/h all this alone no party members. With all the daylight quest another 24t This is not realistic that cost's £80 a month for me with the packs and vitality maintaining potions and for what gear wise I'm at a point where to get an item that gives boost it cost's me 80b the cheapest ones and of course's I'm doing shift work so on other weeks I cant really do daily quest cos there are no party's when I van play and sometimes I get kicked from party's cos I don't have pve. This is my stats on full boost
  11. Setting realistic goals!!

    Yes its 0 boost and 3 party members, the current state of the game gives me 0 motivation to spend on Prestige and Destiny pack .
  12. Custom Title

    This is how they are doing it. they CTRL-C /CTRL-V into macro and the pres the macro buton and using ASCHI code.