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  1. When do I change race for the Kamael?

    U need a race change ticket.
  2. change main with chaos essence?

    Kamael is a bad base char for for a sorcerer make a darkelf.or buy a race change ticket
  3. That is the right answer +100% means 1x server settings if it was only 100% than the OP would be right.
  4. Ninja Nerf???

    Ty u for the reply. just to clarify im farming the same spot since we got the fafu update im 107 mobs ate 108-109 after restart i put my char back and had 2 items drop in a 12+ hour period how it seems to be back to normal.
  5. Ninja Nerf???

    Since maintenance, i did no have a single material drop! U guys "rebalanced" our drop rate again ? @Hime @Juji
  6. Luc is not affecting the compound chance and he is playing on Naia we have the market in Aden
  7. Lv.108 mobs Tanor Canyons vs Alligator Island

    Tanor better for mages and aligator for Fighters.
  8. Success rate is going to be lower now like the Circlet event or the Cloak event.
  9. Advice to improve my damage.

    Unfortunately, u are at the level where u need some serious investment to se minor improvements on your character. U need better belt, greater jewels and some ++ artifacts. Try to focus on skill crit rate and skill power.
  10. What is the most op class?

    AmericanExpres card.
  11. i have a problem with xp

    How did u get to 107+ and u are cloudless in how game works?
  12. This modified loot is a huge nerf we are having an event where th server supposed to give 50% more adena and items. With all the runes and prestige pack now i make 18% less adena/h and the drops disappeared. Before the update u could make 20kk adena/h frm drops now i get 2-3 armour parts in 1/h can't wait when the server goes back to the normal settings then probably wont make inof money to cover the cost of the shots. Great job Ncsoft
  13. I have a question

    to push the NCsoft share price up. and a Lambo for Juji
  14. Feoh archmage question advices

    That amount of adena won't hep you. Try to buy an Aden cloak +7 the hellfire talisman keep it in your WH change the weapon augment to M.crit dmg and HP with M.crit dmg and sell your +10 bloody sett you don't need it and its expensive buy instead a +7 normal robe sett and buy a necklace with skill reuse. Mages don't need m, skill crit rate stat buy a seed bracelet and +6 tersi guard agathion to compensate for p.def loss from armor. From the Forgotten Power skill invest only in the Magical attack one.
  15. Feoh archmage question advices

    It sais in the description off manna armor if a mob hits you insted of HP dmg gets reduced and goes to MP.