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  1. XP Runes

    If u put your opened XP rune in the WH u still get the xp bonus is that a new feature?

    NcWest is the company wo is running the NA servers. If u want to play on European server go to the 4Game website they are running it
  3. Nice rewards!!! This boxes drop is op u guys should nef them @Juji @Hime https://youtu.be/S66GSnC5JxU
  4. Sayha Seer equipment

    Before the update a few months ago there was no mage spcific name for the weapon the retributer was called 2h blunt. Now its called Retributer.
  5. Boss Istina

    Here you go https://l2wiki.com/Istina#Common
  6. bloody vs krinsha

    bloody R110 +10 is only better if is bloody
  7. Enjoy

  8. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    If u don't have any more drops and adena Prestige pack will be useless from next update
  9. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    Enperor Coctail is superior for one thing it cant be canceled.
  10. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    In-Town and Peace zones skills won't auto-cast go near the mobs they will work. PS u are 105 and can't figure this out???
  11. Epics

    The business model is to catch the Whales and no matter how many posts about the store beeing to expensive are made won't change that.
  12. need help, problem toggle skil/buff

    Show us a picture of your skillbar
  13. Exping ridicolous

    U should check the forum once a week u would know what happened.
  14. Check out this website https://4r4m.com/en/l2-probabilities-nckr/#circlets
  15. Ninja Nerf???

    Since maintenance, i did no have a single material drop! U guys "rebalanced" our drop rate again ? @Hime @Juji
  16. When do I change race for the Kamael?

    U need a race change ticket.
  17. change main with chaos essence?

    Kamael is a bad base char for for a sorcerer make a darkelf.or buy a race change ticket
  18. That is the right answer +100% means 1x server settings if it was only 100% than the OP would be right.
  19. Ninja Nerf???

    Ty u for the reply. just to clarify im farming the same spot since we got the fafu update im 107 mobs ate 108-109 after restart i put my char back and had 2 items drop in a 12+ hour period how it seems to be back to normal.
  20. Luc is not affecting the compound chance and he is playing on Naia we have the market in Aden
  21. Lv.108 mobs Tanor Canyons vs Alligator Island

    Tanor better for mages and aligator for Fighters.
  22. Success rate is going to be lower now like the Circlet event or the Cloak event.
  23. Advice to improve my damage.

    Unfortunately, u are at the level where u need some serious investment to se minor improvements on your character. U need better belt, greater jewels and some ++ artifacts. Try to focus on skill crit rate and skill power.
  24. What is the most op class?

    AmericanExpres card.
  25. i have a problem with xp

    How did u get to 107+ and u are cloudless in how game works?