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  1. This update is bad for all in general and lower geared players are hit harder. Before the update, u could kill Balok, Baylor,Octavis ,Istina, Tauti and the Shadow instance. Now with the "God " gear u got cant kill them. Only viable farm spot is Stronghold and to farm there u need 2T in gear and an archer rest of the classes are rubish. But ve got Dragon shirt and lvl 3 jewels so everything is fine. @Prophet

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  2. 3 hours ago, Murkan said:

    Good Morning...

    What Feoh players do not understand that in an RPG the wizard has always been based on the fact that they are characters that deal high damage, but they are characters that take a lot of damage, ie it should be the balance of the game. Wizard players forget that NCsoft has been creating items and more items that are enhancing physical defense, while we don't see items that increase the magic defense of warrior characters in general, be it Tyrr, Sigel, etc. Every item created usually comes with P. Defense and does not come with M. Defense, if we look, we have a total of 5 jewels that increase M. Defense and we have covers that give P. Defense and M. Defense. I understand that warriors can wear cloaks, they can wear items that diminish that, but it won't change that they still didn't do Feoh damage. I was doing some research and I saw that Feoh gained an aurea that increases the P.Defense by 50% and increases more stuff, and has the Mana Shield that absorbs 95% of damage and 5% focuses on Feoh's MP, but then remember Feoh has a skill that sacrifices his HP to regain MP when this... Take for example the overall list of global Olympics, overwhelming majority is Feoh and Ranger, but Feoh is on top of everything now. Because as the game counts as HP damage taken as damage, Feoh always wins. For the tiebreaker will be done by the damage dealt, and since the damage dealt is by the HP and the Mana Shield focuses on the Mana, the Feoh Wins, just like Summoner, when you hit the summoner, the counted damage is the one that hit him. In fact, the damage transferred to the Pet does not count in the Olympics. And I agree, Feoh is the most damaged character in the game, because his critical is extremely high, the archer, the othell rogue to hit, needs to hit Half Kill to wreak havoc and this only happens in one or two skills, while no, the wizard always manages to do absurd damage, and with NCsoft's investment in enhancing his damage resistance, made Feoh the god of the game. Not to mention that Feoh today is the class with the most defense skills: Give cancel, ie remove your buffs from stun, knock down and debuff preventing you from getting up, teleport back and forth with a distance good and yet removes target, ability to levitate the person to continue attacking, ability to create wind and prevent the person from moving, ability to fear, the famous fear, sleep. And none of these skills are canceled when Feoh keeps beating and they are abilities that have debuffs of at least 5 seconds. Sigel's Stun really fails a lot, even if we put on jewels and enchant for chance, and when it picks up, when we start beating it has a high chance of disappearing. Sigel's silence fails absurdly, even when enchanting and when it takes, it doesn't last 3 seconds, Sigel's remove target skill only removes, not a debuff that stops targeting, which Feoh prevents. Eva's Templar and Shillen Templar's paralyzing ability, when caught, lasts 3 seconds too, the current that only pulls, currently fails absurdly. That is, the Sigel has the defensive ability: Silence that fails, Stun that disappears when we hit, removes target that misses a lot, rope that fails a lot currently, hold that no longer holds the ground as before, debuff that takes 20% of atack. speed and casting speed, does NCsoft really think that it will take 20% off Sigel? When we get back to Feoh: Cancels buff, two types of teleport that removes target, ground knock ability with debuff to stand, skill to levitate and so on, stun, ability to create wind and prevent of the guy walking and moving, ability to leave Feoh immune from damage for a few seconds, fear ability, causing the character to flee and so Feoh keeps attacking, Feoh also has Hold ability, and has ability to remove target and prevent that you take his target for a few seconds. Skill that absorbs 95% damage, skill that increases your defense by 50%. And most of Feoh's most powerful abilities are reused for 5 minutes, while there are classes where most reuse is 10 minutes, Sigel UDs last 15 minutes, and these UDs today don't protect Sigel at nothing, and I wonder why the reuse continues for 15 minutes. LIneage 2 The most unbalanced game, it looks like NCsoft makes the changes and doesn't analyze anything.

    I think it lacks a bit of focus, when creating a skill tests her with full buff, tests her at the Olympics to see how she will behave, whether she will leave her too overpowered or not, when they made this change in the Olympics, it became evident. who were Olympians who would favor Feoh absurdly, would favor Iss with their combo of stone, attacks, stone, attacks, stone attacks and Summoners that deal damage with the pet, and Ncsoft doesn't seem to test....

    A friend of mine plays official WOW, when they from Blizard launched a new class, this class came in very powerful in the game, and that ended up unbalancing the game, since WOW is an extremely balanced game in characters, which happened in a few months Blizard had already adjusted the class so that it was not superior to the others but at the same level, in NCsoft this does not happen, it is an eternity to balance things.

    If u have equipment those skills are irrelevant archer can 2 hit mages no problem just watch som high-level oly  games 

  3. On 12/8/2019 at 12:07 PM, Riddi said:

    Does everyone gets only 10% xp bonus from Magician's Blessing lvl 2? (ability points skill)

    i have 40% bonus while having:
    +5% from mentee
    +5% clan will lvl 3
    +10% clan advent
    +10% exalted lvl2
    +20% magicians blessing lvl2

    Should be 50% bonus from what descriptions say. Am I missing something here?

    The calculation works differently some of the bonuses are applied for the base xp only and some are additive